Monday, August 24, 2015

Should I Get Life Insurance and Why?

Life Insurance Park Forest                                                                              Life Insurance Richton Park
Life Insurance Matteson                                                                                 Life Insurance Chicago Heights
Life Insurance Frankfort                                                                                 Life Insurance Beecher
Life Insurance Monee                                                                                     Life Insurance Crete
Life Insurance Homewood                                                                             Life Insurance Glenwood

Do I need life insurance? Understand the reasons for protective coverage.  It is easy to see why you need homeowners insurance or auto insurance. But when it comes to life insurance most people do not see the need for it.  Here is what you need to know.  Keep in mind it only takes a few minutes to apply.

Simple Term Life Insurance will cover you for a span of 10, 15 or 30 years, depending on what you choose.  When the policy term ends you are no longer insured.  If you wish to renew you can, however, prices are only fixed for the term of the contract. A term insurance policy is usually between $75,000 to $150,000 worth of coverage.  No one likes to think about not being here; being prepared for it can help cover final expenses and help loved ones through a tough time. It also prevents a huge burden from being put on them at the worst time of their life.

In addition to a Term Life Insurance Policy additional supplements can be purchased.  These supplements are only a few dollars more and well worth the added protection.

·         Waiver of Premiums – premiums are waived during a qualifying disability. This protects you from losing your insurance coverage in the event you become disabled.
·        Accidental Death Benefit – if death results from a qualified accident, this benefit provides additional coverage.  The additional coverage cannot exceed the base principled sum or total more than $150,000 on all policies.
·        Accelerated Benefit Rider for Terminal Illness – is available at no extra cost. If you are diagnosed with a specified terminal illness while your policy is in force, the rider gives you an option to request payment of a portion of the policy’s death benefit.  The amount available will vary and will be calculated by your agent at the time of the request.

While we hope for the best, we are wise to prepare just in case.  It is a simple process with few questions and no medical tests or lab tests required.  Call us and see how easy it is to get your Term Life Insurance today.  It is affordable and the peace of mind is priceless.



Wednesday, August 19, 2015

THEY INSURED WHAT! Auto Insurance and Life Insurance Pale in Comparison

They Insured WHAT!!!!!!
You Won’t Believe What People Have Insured

     Searching for an affordable insurance? We all need to protect what is valuable to us and auto insurance and life insurance helps us to do so. Here is a fun glance of what others have insured. Remember when it is your time to consider insurance take the best route and insure at a low rate with great coverage. To be certain, odd things to insure has made a place in our world.
     I remember when I was very young my Father telling me that an actress had her legs insured for $1 million. This film beauty that appeared in many movies when they were still in black and white must have had some amazing legs. I recall my Father saying they were beautiful. Of course, being a young child I did not understand the whole insurance and relevance connection. I did understand that back then one hundred dollars was considered a lot of money. I could buy a dozen eggs for 19 cents. In perspective one million then would be equivalent to $9.9 million now.
     I visited my Father recently to ask the name of the actress with the WOW legs. Her name is Betty Grable and I chuckle now wondering how many reading this actually know who she is or have had the pleasure of watching one of her movies.
     Insurance protects from loss. As an adult I now realize that having this insurance was a way to protect her livelihood and acting career. Had she been incapacitated or severely marred, her career could have ended instantly. So in the spirit of curiosity I decided to find out what else people may have insured.
     I’m sure most would recognize the name of the famous dancer Fred Astaire even if you could not pick him up out of a line-up.  His nimble dancing legs insured for $150,000 back then.  While I do a little name dropping, some policies have confidentiality clauses.  At first you may think some of these policies are vanity; but realize companies and others who have a vested interest take out policies to protect their investment and their contracted “money maker.”  Inflation has certainly led to higher insurance dollar amounts.
·         Rolling Stones Keith Richard’s hands insured for $1.5 Million
·         $1 Million HAIR, yes hair, of a famous football player
·         $2 Million legs of famous 2004 model
·         $195 Million famous soccer player insured against injury, illness, disfigurement
·         $5.5 Million for voice and vocal cords of Bruce Springsteen
·         $10 Million for Smile of Actress (agency promoting her foots this bill)
·         $1 Million per finger of famous Guitarist
·         $120 Million ANKLES famous baseball player
·         $1 Billion legs famous singer
·         $400,000 on a handle bar Moustache
·         $1 Million for Game Show Insurance Who Wants To Be A Millionaire
(Yes they are insured in case they have to pay out)

           Worried about Alien Abduction?  No problem there is insurance for that. You too can be insured for celestial bodies invading our world and taking you captive, if you manage to make it back to your broker to file, prove and collect of course.  How does that rate on the weird insurance scale.
     My personal favorite and perhaps you may be inspired to embark on a journey to capture the finder’s fee. Earn a smooth $1.5 million from the Cutty Sark Company for the live capture of the Loch Ness Monster!  Of course, they have an insurance policy in place to pay the adventurer who achieves this task of wrangling Old Nessie and bringing her in.




Monday, August 17, 2015

Auto Insurance for Teen Drivers

Teen Drivers:  Boys AND Girls Need to be Prepared
    Getting a Free Quote for Teen Drivers for auto insurance can help your teen budget his or her money. Keep your teen driver protected and safe. While this season in your teen’s life is exciting for them, it can be a source of anxiety for parents. Take the first steps to insuring your young adult is prepared for his or her new responsibilities.  Consider the following and consider utilizing Teen Driver Contract with your new driver.
     Don’t hide your excitement for this new step in your son’s or daughter’s life. Ask them if they have any uneasiness about any areas of driving. You need to make sure they are prepared for:
  • Safety and navigation in unfamiliar areas
  • Basic car maintenance
  • Breakdowns and flat tires
  • General traveling safety
  • Defensive driving
  • What to do in the event of an accident
  • NEVER using phone while driving (safest choice)
  • Obeying traffic laws
  • How to handle being pulled over

      Discuss personal family rules about curfews, boundaries and other topics beforehand to help the transition go smoother.  It is okay to also help your child understand what is going on at your end. This is a transition for you as well. I remember my eldest son telling the next one in line, ‘be prepared to run out for milk, or butter, or a stamp or fast food now that you can drive’.  In overhearing this, I had an opportunity to share with second child and all others down the line how this was “new” for me to.  I explained “as you are growing up, when I send you out it is helping me to let go. Each time you come home safe and sound; it helps me not worry when you are gone for a long time. Think of it as breaking your parents in to your new experiences.” Sorry Son, Number One” I didn’t give you this speech; it was your words that helped me to recognize the why behind the what.  It also made me laugh thinking “that’s why kids think their parents are crazy!”
     Spend some time with your teen driver asking how he or she would handle certain situations from the above list.  “What would you do if you made a wrong turn and ended up in a neighborhood you thought looked dangerous?” “How would you handle being pulled over by police?” “How do you handle someone dangerously tailgating you?” “What are the things you need to do if you are in an accident?”
Your new driver might be impatient with you. Keep the doors of communication open by reminding them that this is a part of your relationship maturing from child and parent, to responsible young adult and parent. The point being NOT to drive each other nuts.
    Remember, driving has changed very much since you were a teen driver. Make sure there are maps in the car and your child knows how to use them. Include a small address book with important phone numbers.  Today’s majority of young adults are very dependent on electronics, which sometimes fail. Many do not memorize phone numbers as we used to and many rely heavily of navigation systems. When electronic back-ups fail, this can put your loved one in a frightening or dangerous situation.
    Whether your teen driver is using your car, or his own, make them aware of roadside service you may have. Keep pertinent information in the car and let your teen know what everything is and where it is located.  Make sure your teen knows how to change a tire, check the oil and know how to replenish washer fluid.  They should have a basic understanding of the other fluids, their purposes and troubleshooting the need for them, whether or not the car gives a light up alert on the dash board.
     With a Free Quote for Teens leading to affordable car insurance for teens, make sure you ask about any special offers or discounts your young adult may be eligible for.  You may also want to price compare on having your teen on your auto insurance policy or having a separate auto insurance policy for teen drivers.