Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Leading in Uber/Rideshare Auto Insurance: Farmers Insurance/Sopko Agency Serving Orland Park

Find the best auto insurance for Uber, Lyft andRideshare drivers. We have good news for Orland Park Uber, Lyft or Rideshare drivers. Protect your transport business with a process that has been made quick and easy for you.

Standard auto insurance does not protect your vehicle, passengers or property when you use your car the transport of people. Your new business venture offers you a flexibility and independence that is priceless. We want the chance to stand with you as your grow and to prove an invaluable ally to meet the needs you have to protect your commerce.

Our friendly agents can answer any questions that you have in regards to protecting your Uber/Lyft/Rideshare business. As this is a new market that is being pioneered; we know you understand that regular auto insurance does not defend your business and your passengers adequately. We are pleased to include Orland Park Uber and Rideshare drivers.

Naturally, the  reason is that in the nature of the business there are more risks to be considered. Though many run the course of their Rideshare business without incident, it is important to be prepared.  Just as you insure your home or auto, it is understood that this is a "just in case" scenario.

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We look forward to serving you as you provide an invaluable service to others.