Thursday, March 26, 2015

Motorcycle Insurance - Motorcycle Events

    Get cheap rates on motorcycle insurance if you live in Illinois or Indiana.  Save money with one-stop assessment quotes from the Sopko Insurance Agency.  This affordable insurance can be customized to fit your specific needs.

Insure your motorcycle is ready for the road ahead. Scenic motorcycle journeys await in Illinois' Land of Lincoln. Low cost motorcycle insurance helps get you on the way simply with money to spare for scenic escapes.

Special Motorcycle Events are forming all across Illinois.  Whether you are a seasoned rider or just getting ready to spread your wings, you will enjoy the camaraderie  in biking with others.  People from all walks of life enjoy thousands of scenic miles in Illinois and Indiana.

Choose from short day excursions sampling breakfast, lunch and dinner from hidden treasure restaurants spanning over many miles or sign up for a longer trip.  Planned by seasoned bikers you will travel through breathtaking nature routes and enjoy leisurely meals and  activities.   

    We offer low rates on Motorcycle Insurance that will give you excellent coverage.  We will make sure you get the best rate on comprehensive coverage for your motorcycle.  Save even more with bundle packages.  Our expert agents will help you understand your policy coverage thoroughly so you can rest assured that you and everything important to you is covered properly. 

  We offer coverage for your motorcycle, medical, motorcycle gear, and roadside assistance. You may also be eligible for discounts for safety courses taken or being selected for a preferred operator class.  Call us for your FREE QUOTE Today or your FREE REVIEW of your current policy.

   See why we are the best at great coverage for a low rate on motorcycle insurance.   Also ask about our great rates on Jet Ski and Recreational Vehicle Insurance.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Thank America's Teachers-Feature K. Burgan's Proposal

The Farmers Insurance Company Sponsored  Thank America's Teachers would like to highlight K. Burgan's proposal.  She is a  teacher at Columbia Central Jr. High School with many areas of expertise.


Her proposal would bring to her students a fun and adventurous fitness experience. She would use the grant funds to purchase and install a rock climbing wall in the gymnasium.  She enjoys watching her students work hard on their fitness and this would give them variety and a new challenge to improve their fitness.

Different from other activities, rock climbing builds upper body strength and balance in a new and exciting way. This challenge accommodates everyone's abilities helping them with coordination, balance, and muscle strength while giving them a motivation of reaching new goals.

Creative additions are to be incorporated to vary the climbing experience and provide students with a way to increase their  problem solving skills.  By adding hula hoops and noodles the kids will be encouraged to greater feats and utilize a cross curriculum that exercises their problem solving skills in math.  All safety equipment is included with the rock wall.


You Can Vote Once a Day Until the End of March.
Please Vote and Get Others to Vote With You.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Thank America's Teachers-Showcase M. Lorenzatti's Proposal

The Farmer Insurance Company Sponsored Thank America's Teacher would like to Showcase M. Lorenzatti's Proposal.  She has been  a Teacher for ten years at Parkview Elementary School in Steger, Illinois.  Her passion for teaching began when she started helping her nephew with his homework.  Teaching has brought a level of  compassion in her that increases year by year.  


M. Lorenzatti recognizes that art is very closely related to science, technology, engineering and mathematics.  In this He/she plans to use the grant money to purchase a LEGO Education Curriculum.  Having used legos on a small level to aid in student learning, Ms/Mr Lorenzatti is aware of the exciting potential this could add to the classroom.  
   The kit includes hands-on manipulatives and software which link this fun activity to STEM.  LEGOs are very popular with students in general and to tap into the hands-on architecture link and creative thinking process will add to their love of learning.
    "I love this tool because it will motivate them to think outside the box, thus preparing them for this competitive world of innovative thinking.


     You can vote once a day until the end of Marchl Please Vote and Get others to Vote with You.  

Friday, March 20, 2015

Thank America's Teachers-Showcase A. Schaaf Proposal

The Farmer Insurance Company Sponsored Thank America's Teacher would like to spotlight A. Schaaf' Teacher at Parkview Elementary School in Steger, Illinois.  As a dedicated teachers, she has been with the district for 12 years and at Parkview for 5 years.  

Wanting to help children learn is what led her to pursue becoming a teacher.  As she gained experience as a teacher it increased her passion for learning.  A passion she aspires to pass on to her young students.  Her proposal would bring alive creativity in her students.


Ms. Schaaf plans to use the Thank America's Teacher grant to invest in creating a Literary Focus Environment. Her purchases will include high interest books to peak children's interest. Letter and word recognition games that challenge students and allow social interaction.  Flash cards and manipulatives (such as letter tiles and rubber stamps) to provide a hands on experience for practicing words and reading structure. Posters and teaching resources that encourage and reinforce skills.  She also plans to purchase special book bags for students to foster a personal interest in books.

In addition, she would set up listening centers and writing resources to show how  the learning and reading experience enriches a person for a lifetime. She looks forward to providing her students with the keys to become successful readers.


You Can Vote Once a Day Until the End of the Month.
Please Vote and Get Others to Vote With You

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Thank America's Teachers- Feature K. Husarik's Proposal

The Farmer Insurance Company Sponsored Thank America's Teacher would like to spotlight K. Husarik, Teacher at Parkview Elementary School in Steger, Illinois.  She has been teaching at Parkview for two and prior to that served as a substitute for three years. Steering her career choice was a strong desire to instill  a love of learning in children using her talent to make learning fun.  She believes an environment that fosters fun and safety help children learn unencumbered.

Since she has been teaching she has marked the rewards;  her love of teaching becoming stronger and to see children grow not only physically but in academics and social skills. 


   Motivated by a quote "Teacher's plant the seeds of knowledge that last a lifetime." This district is considered a lower income district and a portion of the funds would be used to purchase essentials for the students every day learning. The excitement lies in investing in extra materials that would give students a more hands on experience.

   Miss Husarik has experienced the difference manipulatives and hands on learning can make in helping a student not just memorize a lesson, but use it as a building block for everyday life.  She would invest the funds to increase reading material  and hands on material that could be used over and over again to reinforce object lessons, special projects and creative exploration. 

   She has seen an increase in fostering crucial reading skills as activity motivates students to develop a hunger for reading not only to attain knowledge but to pursue their own interests.


You can Vote once a day until the end of March.  
Please Vote and Get others to Vote with you.

Monday, March 16, 2015


Special Circumstances Extension
Last Chance Until 2016-Avoid Growing Penalties!
     Those who missed the health insurance deadline are in for a lucky break.  A second chance is being given to enroll for health insurance and avoid taxes and penalties for 2015.  A short window of an open enrollment session will begin on March 15, 1015 and last until April 15, 2015. This unusual break from the preset protocol comes as people applying for insurance were able to get confirmation numbers but unable to be verified.  

     Government database servers were overloaded and processes could not be finished by those who began before the deadline. Some found, as they filed their taxes they had a penalty to pay and still did not have insurance.  If you fall into that category, you can use this special circumstance period to purchase health insurance, be covered for the 2015 year and avoid paying higher fines next year.

     There are a few other circumstances that may allow you to take advantage of this health insurance grace period.  If you applied for medicaid but did not qualify and found out after the deadline expired, you are eligible to apply now.
     If there are some complex circumstances that happened in your life, you may be eligible to enroll for health insurance now without penalty.

     Our trained professionals can determine if you have special circumstances that enable you to take advantage of this window of opportunity.  This can save you hundreds of dollars for an individual plan or thousands for a family plan.

(708) 754-5300

Walk-in Enrollment Center
3333 Chicago Rd, Steger, IL

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

We Are Pleased to Announce and Welcome
Mrs. Nicole Rothgeb, Marketing Manager
To the Jeff Sopko Insurance Agency

  Mrs. Nicole Rothgeb has joined our business family this March. She is our new Marketing Manager specializing in Daycare Insurance and Non-Profit Group insurance.  She also is our liaison for special projects and technical contractors. Miss Nicole also handles various aspects of auto insurance, home insurance and other comprehensive insurance policies.

  She is a Steger resident with three children.  She is active in her children’s school and in our Steger community as a volleyball coach. We are glad to have such an energetic person with a passion for outdoor activities be a part of our group.

  We look forward to her contributing her organizational skills, insight and detail management to our business.  We strive to hire the best to serve the Chicago Southland Communities with distinction. 

  Daycare Center insurance has stricter governmental mandates than regular insurance. Call us for low rate daycare insurance that is streamlined for your company and get the protection you need at a price that you can afford.  Call for details 800.324.1004.

Welcome Aboard Mrs. Nicole Rothgeb!

If you are looking for day care insurance or need to understand the child care insurance government guidelines we can help.

Thank America's Teachers - $100,000 Dream Big Teacher Challenge

     Farmers Insurance Agency announces it Dream Big Teacher Challenge.
A unique initiative for people all across America to go on-line and personally thank any teacher present or former.
     In addition to thanking a teacher, you can vote for a proposal to help a teacher receive a $2,500 grant for a school educational project.  Creative minds all over America have submitted project proposals that could lead to community dollars for their school.  These dedicated teachers are working hard to bring innovative opportunities to the children they serve.

Our Local Teachers Being Sponsored

K. Husarik        Parkview Elementary School
M. Lorenzatti    Parkview Elementary School
      K. Burgan         Columbia Central Jr. High School
A. Schaaf         Parkview Elementary School


     Anyone can cast their votes for one or all of their teacher's proposals in their local communities or across the country.  You can even vote once per day. Winners will be announced in April.  
     This grant proposal contest has three seasonal phases.  Three amazing chances for teachers to secure $2,500 for advanced learning for their students. Proposal winners will then be able to apply for the $100,000 Grand Prize Dream Big Challenge.

Contest Period          Teacher Proposal        Public Votes           Winners
                                         Submissions                                          Announced

SPRING                         FEBRUARY                 MARCH               APRIL

SUMMER                            MAY                       JUNE                 JULY

FALL                        AUGUST/SEPTEMBER       OCTOBER           NOVEMBER


     We encourage you to thank a teacher, vote for proposals and help get the word out.  Encourage your school districts teachers to submit proposals for summer and fall seasons.  Working together to bring the best in educational opportunities to students in your area.

     For the benefit of our children, it is wonderful to have a 


Community involvement project we can all participate in.


                                                                                                                                                               .  auto insurance   home insurance      life insurance     motorcycle insurance   .

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Low Rates on Motorcycle Insurance: Get Ready for Spring

     Save money on low cost motorcycle insurance and rest easy knowing that you got the best price and the best possible coverage for your ride. Motorcyclists from Illinois and Indiana can find low rates on motorcycle insurance that protects your investment.  
    Get started on your spring and summer plans. Blow the dust off the winter blues and get ready to roar.  Have your bike check for safety and spruce up your riding gear.
    Looking for some place cool to go?  Check out the John Dillinger Museum opening in July 22,2015 at the old Lake County Courthouse in Crown Point, Indiana. It is the scene of one of his most daring escapes.

See how we can save you money. 
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