Thursday, April 16, 2015

Amber Schaaf Finds Key to Success. Wins Contest!

Amber Schaaf is a Teacher at Parkview School in Steger, Illinois. She has identified ways that students learn best.  Putting her ideas into action she entered the Thank America’s Teachers contest sponsored by Farmers Insurance.

We Are Proud To Announce Amber Schaaf
 Contestant Winner of
 $2,500 for her READING IS KEY Program.
She will now be creating a Literary Focused Environment that will include letter and word recognition games that improve reading foundations as well as social interaction. She will use manipulatives that tie in to high interest stories making them come alive and fostering a love for reading. Mixing activity to reinforce reading skills will give the students the key to opening up the treasures to be discovered  in books.


Melissa Lorenzatti Builds Dream For Her Students. Wins Contest!

Melissa Lorenzatti is a Teacher at Parkview Elementary School in Steger, Illinois. A contest sponsored by Farmers Insurance called Thank America’s Teachers has rewarded her creativity in the form of a grant. She submitted her program for Building Creative Kids that ties into her desire to pour creativity into her students.

We Are Proud To Announce That Melissa Lorenzatti’s
 Grant Proposal Won
 $2,500 for her BUILDING CREATIVE KIDS Program.

She is bringing to her school district an inventive curriculum that will blend children’s love of Legos with hands on learning projects.  This novel program combines interactive based skills in art, science, technology, mathematics and problem solving. In addition, students will increase skills in computer technology as they accomplish various lessons on computer software. 


Kerri Husarik Plants Seeds That Win Dollars!

Planting the Seeds of Knowledge was the creative grant proposal submitted by Kerri Husarik in the 2015 Thank America’s Teachers Contest.  She is a teacher at Parkview Elementary School in Steger, Illinois.  This Contest was sponsored by FarmersInsurance.

We Are Proud To Announce Kerri Husarik
Has been awarded a $2,500 Grant

Her program award will be used to purchase manipulative educational tools and other learning games. She will be implementing a reading program that incorporates hands on experience that will bring her students to a deeper level of learning. 

Embracing a quote she heard “Teachers Plant the Seeds That Will Last a Lifetime.” She will be living the quote that motivated her program idea and her lucky students are sure to sprout into leaders later in life.


Steger Teacher Kristel Burgan ROCKS IT! Wins Contest!

Kristel Burgan is a teacher at Columbia Central Jr. High School in Steger, Illinois. Recently she combined her love of teaching with exercise and fun. She compiled a grant proposal for the 2015 Thank America’s Teachers Contest sponsored by Farmers Insurance.

We Are Proud To Announce That Kristel Burgan
 has won a
 $2,500 grant for her CLIMBING TO FITNESS Program.

Her efforts will bring a rock climbing wall to Columbia Central Jr. High School.  Her students will now have the fun and experience of building a healthy body through the challenge of rock climbing. Her designed program accommodates students of varying abilities.  With additional supplies to engage her students with skill games and increasing expertise, this is sure to be a favorite at her school.


Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Steger Teachers Win Grants for Innovative Programs

Steger Teachers Win Grants for Innovative Programs
By Carmen Santiago

     I am excited to share with you the success of 2014 Thank A Million Teachers Nationwide Contest. Dedicated teachers from the Steger, Illinois area and School District #194 submitted proposals to bring special and unique programs to their schools. The community responded with votes showing their support and we are proud to announce that we had winners from our Steger District.

     Each teacher worked hard to identify ways to enrich the students in their education.  They submitted grant proposals to implement their ideas in their own classrooms or school districts. These programs are creative and exclusively brought to the schools that had winning proposals.  The public could go online, read their proposals and vote for the best ones.

     We are pleased to announce winners from our area each winning a $2,500 grant.

Nicole Ciaponni, Beth  Dwyer, Heather Goetz, Holly Lopez, Charmie McKinney, Bill Moses, Mary Reed, Kim Scheutzow, and Nicole William-Roat.

     We would also like to thank Jeff Sopko of Sopko Insurance Agency for his hard work in helping to promote the event and networking to win votes for local community teachers.  His contribution of $1,400 for advertising material, banners, flyers and T-shirts, $400 in Kmart gift cards awarded to students helping spread the word to vote and $900 in food and prizes.

     The students of this community will participate in innovative and enrichment programs brought exclusively to Steger Schools.  Again, we would like to offer many thanks to Jeff Sopko, for helping bring a total of $32,500 for bright futures in Steger, Illinois.

Community Voices of Steger

Saturday, April 11, 2015

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