Saturday, April 11, 2015

Low Insurance Rates Save 35%-40% Small Business Options

Find low insurance rates that will save you 35% to 40% on your premiums without reducing benefits for your employees.  The only non-profit, CO-OP health insurance that is designed for the benefit of its members.  This is Insurance Done Right!  

35% - 40% on Your Premiums
Without Reducing Benefits

Jeff Sopko Insurance

Imagine, affordable health insurance for you and your employees from a local partner that is 100% member focused. We are reinventing health insurance with help from our members. Discover improved access and new 2105 plans that connect Illinois businesses and employees with high quality coverage.

Our traditional PPO plans provide rich benefits and a nationwide network of healthcare providers. Now you can also access Preferred Partner PPO plans, where you will find innovative partnerships with major Illinois health systems. This makes it even easier and more affordable for you and or employees to receive healthcare from their chosen doctors and hospitals.

It pays to know your options and understand your true cost of care. That is why we provide plans to help small business owners lower their out of pocket medical expenses.

We can provide a Land of Lincoln Health option that provides a simple implementation process that makes it easy to enroll our employees. We are committed to providing outstanding customer service to help you and your employees get the most from your coverage.

This plan is the only non-profit, member governed health insurance policy in Illinois.  As a CO-OP, members are put first.  All profits are invested into improving quality coverage and lowering premiums.  DISCOVER HOW THIS APPROACH CAN MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE FOR YOU SMALL BUSINESS.

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