Monday, June 20, 2016


Great News!
     A new insurance program is being offered to Uber, Lyft and Rideshare Drivers. Now available to drivers serving the Chicagoland Area and its Suburbs. This is great news as many have discovered that their current insurance policy does not protect when public rides or livery conveyance is involved. 
     A standard full coverage auto insurance policy protects a person, passengers, vehicle and most property in the event of an accident. These policies are underwritten with the purpose and understanding that this is a personal vehicle used for the normal course of the personal driving that occurs in a general lifestyle.
     When you change the purpose of your car, as in business delivery or transporting people it is important to contact your insurance company to adjust your policy to cover new additions to your transportation.
     THIS PROTECTS YOU by having the proper coverage in the event of an accident that injures the people you are transporting. Under an old policy, an insurance company could deny any claim if you were using your vehicle while conducting commerce. This would make you personally liable for damage to your car, any other vehicle involved, property damage and medical bills for your passengers. In addition you could be sued by your passengers to be compensated for things beyond their medical bills.
     Uber, Lyft and other Rideshare drivers offer a much needed and valued service to our communities. This emerging business allows a wonderful opportunity for income and flexibility for those who desire to control their own schedules and income.
     For Rideshare drivers, this is your business and it definitely needs to be protected. Understanding every aspect of your business is the key that will make you successful. This gives you peace of mind to conduct your business and plan for your future.
     Farmers Insurance/Sopko Agency is dedicated to offering you an affordable service that helps your business prosper.  We support emerging businesses knowing they make our communities better.
     Contact us today for a No Obligation Consult/Insurance Review and we will answer your insurance questions concerning your Rideshare operation.  As always we offer Free Quotes with no obligation to you.

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