Monday, December 15, 2014

Official Center for Extended Deadline for Health Insurance

Center for Extended Deadline

Are you in need of low cost health insurance but afraid you won't make the deadline? Call us to make sure you have a spot on the list to enroll for health insurance and dental insurance.

A limited number of CMS certified agencies have been chosen to accommodate those who were unable to make the deadline.  Take advantage of specialists who can help you choose from private insurance or the insurance offered in the government marketplace.

With Comparison Shopping you can see up front various insurance plans side by side and see which plans will save you the most money.  You do not have to be on a government plan if you do not want to be.  Many carriers offer better plans with more choices than the government market plans available.

We know this is a personal decision and we give you the tools and information you need to get the best insurance coverage and a price you can afford. We know you want have the choice to see your own doctor and guide your own health decisions for you and your family.

This is the best place to find affordable health insurance, dental insurance and vision insurance. You can navigate from the private sector insurance carriers and also see the government insurance plans.  You can ask about programs and discounts for private insurance carriers and also check if you are eligible for subsidies for government market plans.

Our help is free and friendly personal service will make sure your concerns are addressed and your questions are answered. We take the confusion out of health insurance helping you know the facts from the myths.  We are a proven trusted service center fully accredited by the Better Business Bureau which has given us an A+  rating for over 35 years of dedication to helping people.

We have worked hard to make it easy for you. Our agency does not shut down after enrollment, so when you have questions you will not have to deal with numerous agencies giving you the runaround.  When you start here, your help is here always available when it matters.

Enrollment hours Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. and on Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.  Stop in today for quick and easy help.

CALL 708.754.5300 
If you can't stop in today but want to save a spot before deadline closures.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Get Covered Illinois - Walk In Enrollment Center - Local Health Insurance

Your Official Walk-in Local Enrollment Center
We can help you get health insurance quickly and easily.
 We are now offering EXTENDED HOURS to serve you. 
November 2016

Help At No  Cost To You

We serve the following communities:
Alsip                              Englewood                          Markham                             Pullman
Arlington Heights             Evanston                            Matteson                             Richton Park
Bedford Park                  Evergreen Park                    Merrionette Park                  River Forest
Berwyn                          Flossmoor                           Midlothian                            Riverdale
Blue Island                     Ford Heights                       Morton Grove                       Riverside
Bridgeview                     Forest Park                         Mount Prospect                    Riverside
Broadview                      Forest View                         Niles                                    Robbins             Brookfield                      Franklin Park                      Norridge                             Rolling Meadows
Buffalo Grove                 Glencoe                              North Riverside                      Rosement
Burbank                        Glenview                            Northbrook                           Sauk Village
Burnham                       Glenwood                           Northfield                             Schaumburg
Burnside                        Harvey                                Northlake                             Schiller Park
Calument City                Hazel Crest                        Oak Forest                           Skokie
Calument Park               Hegewisch                         Oak Lawn                            South Chicago
Chicago                         Hickory Hills                      Oak Park                             So. Chicago Hts
Chicago Heights             Hillside                              Olympia Fields                     South Holland
Chicago Ridge                Hodgkins                           Orland Hills                         Steger
Cicero                             Hoffman Estates                Orland Park                         Stickney
Country Club Hills           Hometown                         Palatine                               Tinley Park
Crestwood                      Justice                              Palos Hills                            University Park
Des Plaines                     La Grange                         Palos Park                           West Pullman
Dixmoor                          La Grange Park                 Park Forest                         Westchester
Dolton                             Lansing                             Park Ridge                          Western Spring
E. Hazel Crest                 Lemont                             Phoenix                              Wheeling
East Side                        Lincolnwood                      Posen                                  Willow Springs
Elk Grove Village             Lynwood                           Prospect Heights                 Wilmette
Elmwood                         Lyons                               Winnetka                              Worth  
Health Insurance, affordable rates
On Line Enrollment Is Also Available at for your convenience. Call Today.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Best Health Insurance Rates Offering Local Enrollment in Illinois & Indiana

Local Enrollment Center
For South Suburban Chicagoland

     If your are preparing to find the best rates for health insurance in Illinois or Indiana, we serve as a one-stop service insurance agency. You can get the best price THE FIRST TIME and have Certified Agents explain your policy to you, answer any questions you may have and make sure your plan fulfills the new health care requirements.
     You can also compare a wide range of plans in one place. We make it easy to obtain a policy without the confusion that usually makes insurance shopping an intimidating process.

By CMS Certified Agents
Quick & Easy Enrollment

Medical Insurance Market Place
Private Medical
Medicare Supplemental Insurance

BY PHONE:  (708) 754-5300             ON LINE:

IN PERSON:      3333 Chicago Road, Steger, IL

Subsidies for Those Who Qualify
Certified For All Programs Available

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Vote for Beth Dwyer's Proposal in Thank A Million Teachers Contest





      Insurance contest Thank A Million Teachers announces Beth Dwyer as one of the finalists eligible to win a $2,500 grant for her proposal.
     Beth Dwyer is a 15 year veteran teacher at District 194 Eastview School in Steger, Illinois. Being a Wife and Mother did not dampen her pursuit of becoming a teacher. She attended college knowing she had much to contribute to the lives of others. One can only imagine the difficulty of pursuing an education while wearing so many other hats. But she knew persistence had its rewards.
     Knowing she wanted to work with the younger children helped her stay focused and concentrate on her goals. 
     As part of a team, Beth Dwyer has proposed the RABBITS Reading Program. Aware of more than just her students, Mrs. Dwyer acknowledging that Eastview School is 57% low income with approximately 10% of incoming students just becoming English language learners. The Kindergarten teachers face challenges of preparing these students for the years ahead.  RABBITS stands for “Read A Book, Bring It To School” Kindergarten students would be sent home twice a week with a RABBIT backpack filled with quality literature to share with their families. The program would help to build early literacy skills in their students, to promote family literacy activities and to improve the home and school connection.
     She brings a unique understanding to the face of education. She has keenly observed and connected her student’s home environment with the challenges that could turn into obstacles if overlooked. Many have the mistaken concept that Kindergarten is simply all play. Nothing could be further from the truth. Kindergarten sets so many foundations of learning. It is here they learn social skills, school routine, communication with teachers and other students, problem solving, dealing with new experiences, respect for authority, listening skills, imagination and creativity, learning how to be teachable and how to express themselves. Truly that is just the tip of the iceberg; a student’s first experience with education can set the tone for their lifelong journey of learning.
     Mrs. Dwyer brings her love of music to the classroom, expanding the experiences of her pupils. She has learned a key to handling the challenge of Kindergarten; having a good sense of humor and teaching her kids to have a sense of humor. She also pours out patience to meet each child where they are at, which can be a priceless bridge to understanding.
         Dedicated to her profession, she also serves in the Young Authors Committee. She attends conferences to keep up on new teaching, participates in teacher blogs that promote sharing creative ideas with other teachers. When asked about her unexpected rewards of teaching she shared that she often hears words of praise and recognition from parents or grown students on the impact she has had on their lives.
VOTE For Beth Dwyer’s Proposal at

Friday, September 26, 2014

Vote For Nicole Williams' Proposal in Thank A Million Teachers Contest

Mrs. Nicole  Williams
Thank A Million Teachers Contestant

      Insurance contest Thank A Million Teachers announces Nicole Williams as one of the finalists eligible to win a $2,500 grant for her proposal.
       Nicole Williams is an English Teacher at Columbia Central Junior High School in Steger, Illinois. She teaches English to six, seventh and eighth grade students.  Her love of English planted the seed of becoming a teacher at a young age. She shared a meaningful testimony of how her family’s support and encouragement during her college years helped her manage her life and studies.  She accomplished her Internship with a high school English teacher and acquired her direction for her dream job. Though she did research other positions within her field, none held the appeal for her that serving as an English Teacher did. 
         Her proposal for what she would do with the grant money is quite innovative. She has recognized each student has an individual reading comprehension level no matter what grade they are in. Her goal is to provide subject books in various reading levels, to be utilized in the same classroom. This would help a teacher teach the core subject, keeping all students current while still accommodating those whose comprehension levels still need to mature and helping accelerated students maintain interest by allowing each mind the challenge it craves.  Her proposal could pioneer a more customized approach to teaching that could be used as a model for schools across the nation. This program would benefit students for years to come.
   Mrs. Williams shared some of her secrets to successful teaching. Naturally, before she began teaching she had her own notions of how the classroom setting would be. In true teacher spirit of always learning; she found ways to work with each class that was surprisingly different.  Each grade and each class had an atmosphere of its own. Mrs. Williams would adjust her classroom management skills to suit the environment of the classroom. What worked easily for one class, did not work for another. She investigated and found the right touch to make each classroom successful. She has the gift of humor that her students appreciate and she always makes learning fun.  She rises to the challenge of finding a way to connect with her students enabling them to master the subjects at hand.  
   She is quite aware other teachers have their own gifting and easily asks for help when she sees an area that could be improved.  This teacher is part of a group that shares new ideas, tips and ways to incorporate new technology in the classroom.
    Her personal rewards come from seeing her students “light bulb” moments and watching them blossom over the years. She would like all the students in her school to have the same advantages to learning as other communities have.
   Paul Preuss, Director of Curriculum of District 194 spoke highly of Mrs. Williams noting her gift for innovation and her willingness to take a risk to advance education. Her talent for seeing a problem, need or challenge and finding a better way to accomplish it makes her an outstanding teacher.
   The Best of Luck to You Mrs. Nicole Williams and Thank You for Your Creative Innovations!
VOTE For Nicole Williams Proposal at

Monday, August 18, 2014

Doing A Great Job is the Key to Longevity

Former Mayor Louis Sherman, Jeff Sopko, Insurance Agent
and New Mayor Ken Peterson
Independant Writer, Steger Community
Mayor Louis Sherman served his community of Steger, IL for an astounding 40 years from 1973 to 2013. He was in attendance at the 2nd Annual Steger Music Days that was host to two days of music, community and family fun. The event was co-sponsored by Sopko Insurance Agency.

Mayor Louis Sherman had the incredible experience of watching a community grow and having a hand in guiding the city of Steger. A community of friendly people that with their leaderships guidance has kept Steger a safe place to live. His many years of experience earned him much wisdom that the community and those who knew him well benefited from.

When asked about the Mr. Jeff Sopko of Sopko Insurance Agency, he replied "He has been an asset to the community. I have known him for over 35 years, he has been active in community events, sponsoring community projects, coaching baseball and sponsoring teams."

Upon speaking with members of the community, both residents and other business owners I learned some of the secrets to how a community moves forward even during hard economic times.  There is definitely a spirit of cooperation when things need to get done. Not only has Mr. Sopko served on governing boards, but he has been in places where he rolls up his sleeves and joins others to make the community a better place.

To my amusement the most repeated phrase about Mr. Sopko was "He's really a great guy and he cares for people.".Evidence of that obviously seen in his longevity in his business practice. More than just an insurance agent he is a friend and lends his wisdom to others. He understands people deeply and that helps him to really offer customized insurance plans that provide better coverage and more competitive prices than others can offer.  Even an ABC News story ranked his agency as providing more discounts that other insurance companies. It takes extra work help people save on a products you know they need. Mr. Sopko has proven his willingness to role up his sleeves and go that extra mile in finding discounts, savings or special programs that may save his customers their hard earned dollars.  

A standard that He and his staff hold to is "Doing a Great Job." Of course proclaiming this is his rating with the Better Business Bureau.

With insurance being a necessity of life, its important to know, I have done my very best to serve someone well. That they can have the peace of mind knowing they have protections in place to cover the things that are important to them.

Up to the challenge is Steger's New Mayor Ken Peterson who will guide the community of Steger in the upcoming years. Around him is a community that is working hard to keep its community safe and growing with business leaders willing to lend their expertise and rolled up sleeves.


Friday, August 8, 2014

How to Know if Private Health Insurance or ACA (Obamacare) is Best For You


This week, the news station Good Morning America ran a segment that compared private health insurance with Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) Market Place Insurance.

The comparison showed that private insurers offered more services per dollar than the market place exchanges could offer.

We offer the best of both worlds. As Certified Medicare/Medicaid agents and Longstanding Certification with NAHU (National Association of Health Underwriters) we can give you a comparison on a private policy or an Affordable Care Act Market Exchange Policy (Obamacare)

We can compare and provide the type of Health Insurance that would provide you with the most coverage at the most competitive price.
and know you received the best price.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Church Insurance and A Little Fun


      Of course, you want to go with the best when buying church insurance. You need a policy that covers more than just a building. The important work that goes on within its walls is worth protecting. We would like to invite you to visit our “Uplift Gallery.” A little bit of inspiration and fun as life happens around us.
     We are a family owned company that has earned the best reward from our clients. This being that they have deemed our services to be of both quality and honesty.  They declare this by referring their own family and friends to us.
     I would like to offer to you our FARMERS FRIENDLY REVIEW. We are a trusted, strong company with a solid reputation skilled in providing a thorough policy that covers what you deem most important.
     We offer insurance that safeguards your place of worship, your staff, and the investment that has been made over the years. Our personal service helps you avoid gaps in your policy and makes sure you avoid costly duplication of insurance.
     To serve you best, we keep current with regulatory laws that relate to your specific institution requirements. We strive to make sure you are getting valuable coverage at a competitive price. If your church also includes a religious school, daycare, church vehicles for field trips, we can customize a plan that provides coverage without separate “repeat” charges.  This allows you to be a good steward of the money you spend.
     A generic insurance policy does not suit a church religious organization such as yours. In today’s changing world you may not be aware of coverage that includes losses from theft, risks ranging from employee dishonesty to depositor’s forgery, money and securities coverage. We understand the delicate areas you don’t even want to think of, especially when considering protection for children.
     It is our aim to make sure your insurance covers what the law requires and makes you aware of protections that years ago we would have never thought we would require. 

    Talk with a representative today. Our Reviews are FREE with no obligation. This valuable review could save you money.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Steger Music Days Co-Sponsored by Health

It's Easy To Find the Best Health Insurance
          Providing the very best in health insurance for Illinois residents takes dedication.  It is more than being an expert in all the areas of compliance with the laws. It is about helping people get the very best so they can enjoy their life.  That is why Health Estimates holds the highest certifications an agency can obtain. This enables an agent to find the most suitable policy for you while keeping costs reasonable. It’s also about being dedicated to community.

          The 2nd Annual Steger Music Days Festival in Illinois was held on July 26th and July 27th, co-Sponsored by Health Insurance Estimates. The event included live bands from local areas, a parade, clowns, bouncy castles and family fun entertainment.

          Families lined the street on Sunday to watch the parade and children squealed with delight as fire engines representing Steger, Sauk Village, and University Park led the parade. Families of all sizes followed the parade back to the festival grounds where they enjoyed a splendid summer day in many activities.

          Celebrating 35 years of service is quite an accomplishment. We know serving in the health insurance industry gives people a peace of mind when they have the correct coverage. They know their families are protected, we know we put our expertise to get them the best. We were happy to greet old friends who we have served for many years and meet new friends and their families. It was a great day for all. 

Monday, July 7, 2014

Answers for Medicare Insurance & Medicare Advantage Insurance

Senior Citizens looking for affordable health care insurance found informative displays at the Glenwood, Illinois Senior Citizen Center.  Experts were on hand to answer questions about the recent changes to the health care industry.

One booth drew special attention as people met with Keith Middleton, WCGO Legend Broadcast Announcer. His recognized voice still strong as many enjoyed stopping by to converse with him. CMS (Center for Medicare/Medicaid Services) Certified agents took time to inform seniors and soon to be seniors what options they had for choosing quality health insurance policies and supplements.

Medicare, Medicare Advantage and Medicare supplements were showcased and defined helping consumers understand the differences. Agents helped people understand the eligibility requirements, and explained top rated health providers that backed these plans. Among the providers were Humana, JenCare and other nationally known  HMO’s and PPO’s providers.

Jim Siegfried, Insurance Consultant shared his expertise, taming the maze of health care changes to those who stopped by for advice or to sign up for health care. Though a wealth of information is out there, it is difficult to navigate the process when people just want simple questions answered. 

If you were unable to get to the Glenwood Health Fair or any of the local expos; personal appointments can still be made. Some of the service areas for Medicare Insurance and Medicare Advantage Insurance are Matteson, Richton Park, Olympia Fields, Flossmoor, Frankfort, Park Forest, Homewood, Harvey, Chicago Heights Area, Steger, Crete, University Park and Beecher.

Don’t hesitate, even if you are not 65 yet, you can get a head start and be prepared for when the time comes.  Call for a Home Visit or Office Visit and Get your Free Quote. Deal with experts that can answer your questions today.  Call 1 (800) 324-1004.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

NEWS ALERT: Discount Auto Insurance & Home Insurance Offered To Fire Fighters and Police Officers

We Value Those Who Give of Themselves
 to Serve and Protect

 We would like to extend a hearty thanks to Fire Fighters and Police Officers in Matteson, Illinois who were on the first line of defense. They were kept busy around the clock during the recent tornados that hit the area. These tornados spurred downdrafts, microburst, dangerous winds, down power lines and flooding in surrounding areas. The cities of Frankfort, Country Club Hills, Matteson, Richton Park, Chicago Heights, Park Forest, University Park, were hit by this severe weather.

As we recognize the important and selfless work of these emergency responders; we would also like to make them aware of a new program available in this area. Discount auto insurance and discount home insurance are available to those who are employed in these fields.

FIRE FIGHTERS qualify if they are a full-time, currently active firefighter or paramedic commissioned by a city, state or federal fire fighting agency recognized in the state.

If you currently know a firefighter or paramedic please pass on this information to them.

POLICE OFFICERS are eligible for auto insurance discounts and home insurance discounts if they are active, full-time sworn law enforcement officers commissioned by a city, county, state, or federal law enforcement agency recognized in the state.

Please pass on this valuable information to any law enforcement personnel you may know.

We appreciate these men and women who serve and protect. We are pleased to offer quality auto insurance and home insurance protection to offer a little more security for their lives. 

Phase I and Phase 2 coverage for Illinois cities is in effect. Many Illinois cities not listed above are in coverage area for law enforcement and fire fighters eligibility.  Not available in all states.

Free Quotes available.

Monday, June 30, 2014


$100,000 Dream Big Challenge

 Dedicated to improving communities, best rated insurance company is sponsoring a contest to support great teachers.  The 2014 Contest is TWO great contests in one.

 First:     Teachers can win a $2,500 School Supply Shopping Spree

Second:  Teachers eligible for $2,500 School Supply Shopping
               Spree can apply to receive a grant for $100,000 for their

It’s all about smart moves. In addition to making people smarter about insurance, our aim is to support our teachers who dedicate their lives to making their communities smarter. We hope to activate a community to support those teachers who strive for excellence in teaching their children.  Great teachers help everybody win, the children who receive a good education, and the community that raises a generation of bright children with unlimited potential for their futures.

How Can You Help?
  1. Thank a Teacher by going to website and clicking on contest link.
  2. Rally others to vote for the teacher that was thanked.
  3. Let the teacher know they are eligible for contest and can now apply for $100,000 Grant to put towards something marvelous for their students and their school.
  4. Find a Farmer's Agent to sponsor the proposal.

Take action today. Talk to friends, neighbors, relatives, church members and club members that you are associated with. Get as many on board as you can and lead others to recruit people for votes. These are easy steps to take for a chance to win amazing benefits for your community, TEACHERS and SCHOOLS.

Our insurance agency has teamed up with Adopt A Classroom Organization and the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) and will team up with you in helping  you raise the bar for your community.

Contest runs May 6, 2014 to July 31, 2014.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Protect Yourself from Scam Artists

Local insurance company warns community about IRS scams.  A local Steger resident received a call saying that he did not pay his taxes and police would be arresting him soon.  He went to the Steger Police Department and gave them the number to call.  The police traced the call to a McDonald’s in  Washington D.C.
     Remember, the IRS does not call you outright in this manner.  All communication from the IRS begin with a letter to your home.  In this way you contact them directly to clear up any discrepancy.  The IRS does not operate in the function of quickly arresting people.  All processes must go through the court system and if anyone found to be in extreme violation a warrant would be issued for a person’s arrest which would be served by a county Sheriff’s Police Officer.
     BE ON THE ALERT as tax returns will be filed, there is an increased in scams of all types.  Protect your filing status and identity carefully this tax season.  Other tricks follow below.

Not all Thieves Are This Obvious
6 Current Scams Popping Up in Your Area

It is simply a shame that such things even exist. You wonder why someone would put the effort into hurting someone, instead of putting the effort into making an honest living. Following are six common scams we are seeing in this area. Please make others aware because when people catch on, PREVENTION ruins the scam artist’s game.

1.  Predator Targets Senior Citizen – An elderly person gets a phone call that a loved one is in trouble. They need to send a “money gram” right away to help. The trouble could be a false arrest, car breaking down while “out of town on an emergency,” they were beat up and dropped in an unfamiliar area, incurring expenses for help and now they need to get home, etc. The stories are endless but the pattern is the same; create panic (which causes confusion), seed a story (that tugs on the love strings) and can’t be verified, and prey on the person’s natural instinct to help.  A local woman recently received such a phone call from her supposed nephew; he gave his name and made references to family members. Speaking to her in her most used language in Spanish, he succeeded in creating panic. He would call back with information where to wire the money. Her son happened to stop by just then and she told him what happened. Suspecting something, her son waited for the phone call. When it came, he spoke briefly with the supposed nephew and then told the man on the other end that he was calling the police. The call ended abruptly. He later explained to his mother, “Mom didn’t you realize that your nephew doesn’t speak fluent Spanish?” She knew this well, but in “panic” mode; the thought of her nephew in danger would have moved her to do anything. Scammers know to create confusion, so logic gets dumped.

2. Concert or Event Tickets – This is a growing trend with two different endings.  A consumer orders and pays for tickets for a concert or event; either they never come in or the tickets are fake ones. The Chicago Better Business Bureau reported that 32,000 consumers have contacted them in the past 12 months for pre-purchase information about ticket sales/event companies.

3.  Door to Door Scams – The most common door to door scam can include magazine subscription sales, meat sales, “free” energy audits, outdoor home maintenance, medical wellness checks and voter surveys. Many of these lead to identity theft.  The BBB recommends: when in doubt keep strangers out!

4.  Moving Companies – There are many good ones out there. Beware of the ones looking to take more than your belongings for a ride. 2013 showed an increase in unlicensed and dishonest scammers, the BBB received over 1.6 million moving related inquiries and 7,900 complaints including lost or stolen belongings, damaged items, significant price increase over quoted estimate, late deliveries and goods being “held hostage” for additional payment.

5.  Travel Scams – direct mail offers for trips and cruises including look-a-like boarding passes and travelers checks. Some offers claim to include free airfare and destination vacations by simply calling a 1-800 number. Watch out for slick talkers, there are often hidden fees ALWAYS read the fine print.

6.  Seasonal Job Scams - A tell-tale sign of these scams are fake postings that offer unusually high pay for little or no effort. Some use fake interviews or job fairs that require payment by you in order to get the job. Never pay to get a position. Beware of commission only jobs, keep in mind seasonal job scams are often a front to steal your identity.

Scam Protection Alert brought to you by Jeff Sopko Insurance Agency

Monday, June 23, 2014

Insurance News for Engineers and Architects: Special Discounts on Auto and Home Insurance

Special Discounts on Auto Insurance & Home Insurance

     In this every changing economy, saving money on our everyday expenditures makes our life better. It is worth the time spent to find a great price for a great product. A program has hit Illinois that offers discounted auto insurance for engineers. This program is also extended to offer discounts on home insurance as well.

     If you are employed as an Engineer or Architect that lives in Illinois, or know someone who is this breaking news is for you.  Phase 1 is being implemented in the following cities:

Beecher            Crete              Steger              South Chicago Heights          Chicago Heights
Park Forest       Matteson        Flossmoor         Richton Park                        Olympia Fields
Homewood       Glenwood        Hazelcrest         Frankfort                              Mokena
Dolton              Harvey            Markham           Holland                                Midlothian

     Engineers with a Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree or PhD Degree in engineering or a state professional engineering license to practice in the state of Illinois can take advantage of these special discounts.

     Architects with a Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree or PhD Degree in architecture or those who currently hold a license to practice in the state board can also receive the benefits of these discounted auto insurance.

     Call for your Free Quote. Saving has never been easier and the protection you receive is the best in the nation.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


     In April, we attended a very important high level conference concerning the direction of health care in this nation. We bring back vital information to companies on both fronts; those who do not provide health care insurance to their employees and those who currently do provide these services.
     Robert Gibbs, American Political Advisor, Commentator and Former White House Press Secretary was there to expound on the latest federal decisions and rulings. Many were attentive as Mr. Gibbs spoke about the Employer Mandate issue.
     The Employer Mandate requires all employers with over 50 employees to provide health insurance for their full-time workers or pay a monthly “Employer Shared Responsibility Payment” on their federal tax return. It is supposed that the monthly payment would go to pay expenses of those using the healthcare system but not having their own health insurance plan or being under insured.

     Thought to pass is 2014, Mr. Gibbs predicted at Colorado Conference that this mandate would not pass in 2014.  To date; the current information is that this mandate has been delayed until 2015.

On that note, we encourage companies to have a review of their health insurance to make sure they are in compliance. By taking care of this before 2015, your company can learn how to save in employee benefits and at no extra cost be assessed for compliance. For companies that do not yet carry insurance, we can offer rates at costs quite lower than the expensive fines that will be pursued by government regulators in the near future.

·         The annual fee is $2,000 per employee if insurance is not offered
·         If at least one full-time employee receives a premium tax credit because coverage is either not affordable or does not cover 60% of total cost, the employer is required to pay the less of $3,000 for each of its employees receiving a credit of $750 for each full-tim employee total.
·         The Fee is a monthly charge paid annually on the Federal Tax Returns starting in 2015 for a business with 100 or more full-time employees. This of course means 1/12 of the $2,000 or $3,000 required per employee.
·         This Fee is not Tax Deductible
·         Companies in Transition may qualify for “relief” during their “Transition” process.

Don’t Delay Find out where you stand and save money with a healthcare insurance plan customized to bring you every discount possible.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

NAHU Members Provide Smart Edge to Save on Health Insurance

 First off, look for a representative who is a member of NAHU. You have heard the saying “Work smarter, not harder,” and if you practice it, you most certainly reap its benefits.

 When it comes to medical insurance, you want the most affordable health insurance available.
     What is NAHU and why is it important?   It is the National Association of Health Underwriters. One of their aims is to obtain insurance for their clients who are struggling to balance the need to purchase high quality and comprehensive health coverage with the reality of rapidly escalating medical care costs.
     Members of NAHU serve Individuals and families. NAHU members also serve Employers looking to provide quality health insurance to their employees.  
They are bound by a code of ethics:

  •  To hold the selling, service and administration of health insurance and related products and services as a professional and public trust and do all in my power to maintain its prestige.
  •  To keep paramount the needs of those whom I serve.
  •  To respect my clients’ trust in me and to never do anything that would betray their trust or confidence.
  •  To give all service possible when service is needed.
  • To present policies factually and accurately, providing all information necessary for the issuance of sound insurance coverage to the public I serve.
  •   To use no advertising which I know may be false or misleading.
  •   To consider the sale, service and administration of health insurance and related products as a career, to know and abide by the laws of any jurisdiction,  Federal and State in which I practice and seek constantly to increase my knowledge and improve my ability to meet the needs of my clients.
  • To be fair and just to my competitors, and to engage in no practice which may reflect unfavorably on myself or my industry.
  • To treat prospects, clients and companies fairly by submitting applications which reveal all available information pertinent to underwriting a policy.
  • To extend honest and professional conduct to my clients, associates, fellow agent and brokers, and the company or companies whose products I represent.

     This all boils down to having YOU get the best quality health insurance and the best possible price for insurance because they are bound to serve their customers interests first. You are two steps ahead by using an agent who is a member of NAHU and has a good Better Business Bureau rating. Such an agent is driven by a motive to serve customers with honesty and integrity rather than a broker who is always looking at this bottom line.

Friday, June 13, 2014

I GOT THIS . . . Storm Tips


Don't Get Bogged Down with Red Tape of Health Insurance Guidelines,
We Take Care of That For You

     Chances are, your company qualifies for a little known Small Business Tax Credit for purchasing affordable health insurance. Companies that offer health care to their employees can increase their purchase power by benefiting from this new program.
     As a business owner, we understand it has become more and more difficult to adhere by all the government guidelines placed on your company. As CMS certified agents, we are on the front lines of understanding the changes and how to work them to your improvement of your business and your bottom line. We know you strive to give the best to your employees; though you have to have that wisdom of balance in order to operate within your budget. We differ from brokers in such a drastic way. With a broker your purchase your insurance products but must still maintain administrative duties of implementing and documenting all aspects in order to prove compliance with government agencies. As we specialize in health insurance, our services of Administrative duties come at no cost to you. Keeping you on top helps your company remain in compliance without danger of fines from government audits.
     Using a public Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP), your business can take advantage of the Affordable Care Act helping to offset the cost of enrolling employees in health insurance.
     These plans are a gem and come WITHOUT the burden of additional administrative costs.  The tax credit employers will receive depends on the number of full-time equivalent employees and the amount the employer contributes toward insurance premiums.
     To qualify, a company needs to have less than 25 full time employees, pay an average of $50,000 or less per year and share one-half or more of the premium costs.

     Your company can qualify for a 35% - 50% savings. This is an amazing program that serves employers and well as employees. Call to see how much your savings will be. You employees can have the confidence of a great health coverage plan. There is no obligation for us to assess your business and provide you with a Free Quote that will save you money. This is one call you cannot afford to miss out on. 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Your Business and Health Care Reform

Health Insurance Plans that meet all regulations at a surprisingly affordable cost
with Administrators to oversee compliance, so you can focus on business and
provide the best for your employees without  throwing your budget into chaos.

          Finding the best in business health insurance can be a challenge. Healthcare reform has added a whole new level of regulations and guidelines that need to be followed in order for a company to be in compliance with state and federal guidelines. Important changes are happening quicker than ever these days. At times so quickly that many are unaware of what has recently transpired. This information affects individuals, business owners and other groups such as non-profit and freelance workers.

            Complex Healthcare Reform (HCR) has many associated risks:

                        Risk #1 - The cost of non-compliance
                        Risk #2 - Confusion over HCR benefits
                        Risk #3 - Complex benefits management
                        Risk #4 - Decreased employee morale
                        Risk #5 - Overspending on benefits
                        Risk #6 - Pop-Up agencies exploiting confusion           

          We help businesses to better address these risks and control their employee benefit offerings to create a situation that best benefits employer and employee. As CMS certified agents we know our employee health plans inside and out so we can give you the best match in coverage and affordability.
          Recently, the House passed legislation that would change the Affordable Care Act's (ACA) definition of full-time employee to 40 hours per week, which would reduce the number of workers receiving employer-sponsored health coverage if enacted. 
          Take Control, Call us Today for a free quote, or to set up an appointment to have your questions answered. We are confident we can offer you the best rates on affordable health insurance. We are a trusted company with 35 years experience and an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Special Discounts Auto Brokers Don't Want You To Know About

Just as cars have changed, so
has the Auto Industry that insures them.

          When you are looking for car insurance, you want to know your agent has got your back. The privilege to shop around is really to your advantage. When you find a good thing--stick with it. There are so many aspects that have changed due to technology moving so quickly. The basics have certainly changed in reference to what we bring into our cars with us and how much more we use our autos for more than just transportation.

          Recently ABC News did a story that uncovered auto insurance discounts. Following is a table showing which companies offer the best discounts.


     As you can see,  Farmers insurance proves champion at offering discounts.  With peace of mind and a trusted company behind you, its easy to focus on the more important things in your life. Be Safe and enjoy the places you travel in your car. One more words about auto insurance discounts; I'll end with a saying from an Old Timer "The scenery is that much prettier when you've saved some money on the way out there!"

Thursday, May 29, 2014

On the Front Lines With Mike Huckabee and Affordable Health Care

Governor Mike Huckabee and Health Estimates' Debi Sopko

To get a precise understanding of the Affordable Care Act, Mike Huckabee was one of the keynote speakers teaching at an Informative Exposition on the latest changes in regulations to the health care industry. Experts filled the seats of the Health Care Industry Expo in Colorado Springs, Colorado in April of 2014. It was a pleasure to attend and bring back vital information to the communities of Chicago Heights, Park Forest, Matteson, Olympia Fields and the Steger, Crete and Beecher areas. We serve the south suburbs of Chicago for affordable health insurance.
    Huckabee spoke about 37 changes the administration made to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act since it past. He spoke of concerns of pieces of the bill that did not have the support of doctors. Showing the wisdom of serving the people this will directly affect, he explained the advantage of more power in the state control rather than the federal government. It has been proven that the best laws are most efficient when operated on the state level. Citizens have more power over decisions over state government than federal government decisions.
   By having more control at the state level, an insurance commissioner is in the best position to understand the regulatory environment for insurance in his particular state. This means he can implement what is best for the state’s citizens.
   Huckabee shared his thoughts on Americans who struggle with chronic health issues “We could have done things about the chronically uninsured and we should have. People are in a world of hurt through no fault of their own faced with extraordinary medical expenses—most of us would accept we have a collective opportunity to help. In a country like ours, what makes us unique is we don’t mind helping neighbors.”
  He also spoke about contradictions in the Affordable Care Act that are confusing those who are trying to comply with regulations. He was also against people being forced to pay for services they would never use.
    We believe it is important to stay at the cutting edge of all the changes, so we can serve our
clients best. As we listened and learned the technical “in and outs” of this changing industry, we were also brought into discussion to bring up immediate concerns that effect our communities.

     This way you can be confident that when you deal with Health Estimates you are dealing with the best. Our rating of A+ with the Better Business Bureau has allowed us to faithfully serve the Chicagoland communities for over 34 year. 

Friday, May 16, 2014

Contest for Teachers

     Teachers play a vital role in our country. Countless teachers spend a good part of their lives not only teaching the basics of education to children, but also pouring wisdom and expanding children's ideas. Many of the things a Great Teacher imparts to a child do not come from the books they study. Instead, they pour a little bit of themselves into each child that shapes and expands a child's creative boundaries.
     Farmers Insurance is recognizing Great Teachers by offering a $100,000 prize for their school. If you are a Teacher you can enter at  Others can use this same link to vote for a proposal for a teacher and also to thank a teacher. Take the time today to help a Teacher be recognized for the hard work they do and the blessing it will pour on the children they are connected with.
     As we celebrate teachers, it may not be commonly known that teachers can receive discounts on auto insurance, home insurance and life insurance through our Occupational Affinity Groups. We find it a great way to serve the teachers who serve others.