Thursday, May 29, 2014

On the Front Lines With Mike Huckabee and Affordable Health Care

Governor Mike Huckabee and Health Estimates' Debi Sopko

To get a precise understanding of the Affordable Care Act, Mike Huckabee was one of the keynote speakers teaching at an Informative Exposition on the latest changes in regulations to the health care industry. Experts filled the seats of the Health Care Industry Expo in Colorado Springs, Colorado in April of 2014. It was a pleasure to attend and bring back vital information to the communities of Chicago Heights, Park Forest, Matteson, Olympia Fields and the Steger, Crete and Beecher areas. We serve the south suburbs of Chicago for affordable health insurance.
    Huckabee spoke about 37 changes the administration made to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act since it past. He spoke of concerns of pieces of the bill that did not have the support of doctors. Showing the wisdom of serving the people this will directly affect, he explained the advantage of more power in the state control rather than the federal government. It has been proven that the best laws are most efficient when operated on the state level. Citizens have more power over decisions over state government than federal government decisions.
   By having more control at the state level, an insurance commissioner is in the best position to understand the regulatory environment for insurance in his particular state. This means he can implement what is best for the state’s citizens.
   Huckabee shared his thoughts on Americans who struggle with chronic health issues “We could have done things about the chronically uninsured and we should have. People are in a world of hurt through no fault of their own faced with extraordinary medical expenses—most of us would accept we have a collective opportunity to help. In a country like ours, what makes us unique is we don’t mind helping neighbors.”
  He also spoke about contradictions in the Affordable Care Act that are confusing those who are trying to comply with regulations. He was also against people being forced to pay for services they would never use.
    We believe it is important to stay at the cutting edge of all the changes, so we can serve our
clients best. As we listened and learned the technical “in and outs” of this changing industry, we were also brought into discussion to bring up immediate concerns that effect our communities.

     This way you can be confident that when you deal with Health Estimates you are dealing with the best. Our rating of A+ with the Better Business Bureau has allowed us to faithfully serve the Chicagoland communities for over 34 year. 

Friday, May 16, 2014

Contest for Teachers

     Teachers play a vital role in our country. Countless teachers spend a good part of their lives not only teaching the basics of education to children, but also pouring wisdom and expanding children's ideas. Many of the things a Great Teacher imparts to a child do not come from the books they study. Instead, they pour a little bit of themselves into each child that shapes and expands a child's creative boundaries.
     Farmers Insurance is recognizing Great Teachers by offering a $100,000 prize for their school. If you are a Teacher you can enter at  Others can use this same link to vote for a proposal for a teacher and also to thank a teacher. Take the time today to help a Teacher be recognized for the hard work they do and the blessing it will pour on the children they are connected with.
     As we celebrate teachers, it may not be commonly known that teachers can receive discounts on auto insurance, home insurance and life insurance through our Occupational Affinity Groups. We find it a great way to serve the teachers who serve others.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Day Care Insurance

     Shopping for Day Care Insurance for the best rates? Select a Daycare Package that insures you meet all the Illinois or Indiana state requirements. We offer business owner insurance that allows you to get the best protection for the most affordable price.
     Protect your Child Daycare Center and your precious clientele. Our company specializes in the unique needs that come with operating a daycare center. While most business need only to have minimal business and liability coverage, working with children imposes more strict regulations.
     It is important to protect your clientele and your investment. Each state has different regulations that must be covered. It may not have crossed your mind to have the option of protecting your company in the areas of food preparation, dispensing medication, and off-site field trips. That is why we encourage you to speak with experts in daycare insurance.
     Our agency not only specializes in child care insurance, it also offers distinctive coverage not commonly available from general insurance companies. Following are just a few questions you need to ask yourself
in planning to protect your investment:

1.  How much insurance do I need to protect my business property?
2.  What sort of protection am I required to cover in respect to the children that I serve?
3.  What happens if circumstances beyond my control make me unable to operate my business
      for a week, or a month?
4.  How do I protect my business and myself if one of my employees does something wrong?
5.  If I add transportation pick-up and drop-off to my services, what type of coverage do I need?

     You provide a valued service to your community and we know it takes a strong commitment to be steady in what you do. Through our network, we can also provide AT NO COST TO YOU, a plan you can offer your employees for health insurance. Through this plan, you do not have to have a large group to get great discounts on health care for your employees. They can SELF-PAY for an insurance plan, but receive a group rate discount as smaller companies pool their employees together to attain the discounts large companies are able to receive. A trusted insurance company will review your needs individually and that could lead to saving big bucks.

A Girls Guide to Shopping for For Car Insurance

  While the thought of SHOPPING usually makes us upbeat, the idea of hunting for the bestcar insurance policy seems like a drab in comparison. Naturally, as a seasoned shopper you want to get the most for your money. Saving money on auto insurance gives you that extra so you can buy something cute for your car.  After all, owning a car definitely adds to the fun we are privileged to have.
    First things first, you need a company you can trust. The better business bureau is an agency that gives rankings according to what is known about the company and how they operate their business. You can check to see if they are registered with them.  An established company is always safer than a new start-up. Through experience they have learned the best ways to serve their clients. They most likely have gone through the ups and downs of doing business, so they understand they need to make a good deal to get and keep a customer.
   A Good Agent will sell you only what you need. He will make you aware of other types of insurance so you will be educated and explain under what circumstances you may need more insurance than you first thought. As years go by, most people add insurance to fit their lifestyle changes. I use my car for business and therefore carry extra insurance to cover my laptop, files and related electronics to my business. Road service is important as I travel without my husband when I’m doing field research, no one every breaks down at a convenient time.
  The law of the land states now that if you have a vehicle it must be minimally insured. Each state has minimum coverage amounts that you must carry in order to legally drive.

Naturally, you want the best affordable car insurance that protects you well. Your policy must include coverage for bodily injury and property damage, uninsured/underinsured motorist and medical expenses. Extended coverage offers items you can add to your policy. For instance, comprehensive coverage; pays for damage to your car not covered by collision insurance this can include damage from fire, vandalism, windstorms, falling objects, animals, water or flood and theft. Other extended coverage includes: auto glass replacement, towing and road service, and loss of use. 

Monday, May 12, 2014

There's More To Car Insurance Than You Think

     The right auto insurance can save you money and the more you understand the better protected you will be. Over the years the car insurance industry has gone through many changes.  At one time one auto insurance policy was little different from any other.
     Today, as consumers become more interactive in how they invest their money, they realize not all insurance companies serve them well. It is important to go over your policy thoroughly so you know in advance what you covered for and what is not covered.  The sad event of a collision or other type of accident is the worst time to discover you were not insured as fully as you thought.
     For example, today’s vehicles are now loaded with options and custom features added after the initial insurance policy was instated. What are the protections for your navigation system, custom rims, airbrushed graphics, custom paint job, added brush guard, custom grill, fog lamps and other enhancements you have added to your vehicle to make it your own. In addition, our high tech world has led many to use their cars for business. Does your policy cover items that may be damaged in an accident such as laptops, kids DVD players, smart phones, work equipment, or that brand new TV you just bought and were bringing home?
     As a consumer you are at an advantage to customize your auto insurance policy to fit your lifestyle and needs. Sopko Insurance Agency at  offers a wide variety of protection that gives you peace of mind and in the event the unexpected happens, you can sigh and say “I’m covered.”
     Test your knowledge, how many of these terms are familiar to you? 

Auto rental                 bodily injury coverage                      businessauto insurance
collectible auto           collision coverage                              comprehensive coverage
motor homes             safety apparel coverage                    glass repair/replacement
liability coverage       fault/no fault insurance                   towing services
                                    personal injury coverage                  medical payments coverage

*optional/add on equipment coverage              * uninsured & underinsured motorist coverage

     Remember it is important to review your auto insurance policy at least every two years. If you have added custom work or your teens have started driving, it’s time to review your policy now.