Saturday, January 24, 2015

Deadline for Health Care Insurance - Enroll by February 15th!


   The deadline for getting health care insurance is upon us.  If you sign up by February 15, 2015 you will be covered by March 1, 2015. This is the last time to sign up for health insurance until the year 2106.  As many are finding out, their tax returns will be affected by not having insurance for 2014.  Tax refunds will be smaller because fines will be taken from refunds. You are required to have health insurance for at least nine months out of the year. This is something you do not want to delay.

   For your convenience we have streamlined a process to get you insured quickly. For low cost insurance you can rely on us.

   All of our agents are CMS certified and have access to the most comprehensive insurance information in order to find the best rate for you.  Their expertise enables them to profile over 140 insurance plans and make a match to meet your needs.

   We can help with insurance questions. We take the hassle and intimidation out of the process. You can rest assured you are getting the best. We have been awarded an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau for serving Illinois and Indiana communities with honesty and integrity. 


We Are A Get Covered Illinois Authorized Agency

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Insurance - Enroll Now


 Interested in getting Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance? One of the most accepted insurances that will provide coverage no matter where you live.  If you are familiar with Blue Cross Blue Shield and want to sign up we have easy ways to get your covered fast.
     We have extended hours to help with Walk-in Enrollment for health insurance.  We can answer your questions about Blue Cross and Blue Shield and help you obtain your policy.  Also available are comparison shopping rates for other insurance plans that offer the equivalent of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Plans. Our highly trained staff can actually find insurance carriers you may not know about that have an excellent reputation for health coverage and ease of claims at a price that fits your budget.
     If you are unable to use our Walk-in Enrollment center; you can call us and we will help you over the phone. No need to leave your home for personal friendly help. We do not outsource, so you will be assisted by American Professionals who will also be available in the future for any questions, concerns or follow-up you may need.  You will not be shuffled to anonymous “command centers” that help you in the beginning and then give you the runaround when questions or emergencies arise.
     For increased flexibility and for those who are comfortable using the internet we offer quick and easy quotes online.  This process has been streamlined by consumer request to give you the ease of simplified shopping.
     We make the process easy for you. We have been helping people for over 35 years and have an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Call Us Now for dependable service that puts you first.

  • ·       Quick and Easy
  • ·       Blue Cross Blue Shield Specialists
  • ·       No Command Centers to deal with
  • ·       CMS Certified Professionals
  • ·       Have Your Questions Answered
  • ·       Comparison Shopping
  • ·       Medicare Supplemental Insurance Available
  • ·       Dental and Vision Coverage

Friday, January 16, 2015

Help with Tax Fines for Those Without Insurance

     Avoid tax fines from the government, get health insurance now. The mandate for health care insurance coverage went into effect January 1, 2014. If you are filing your 2014 taxes and did not have health coverage, you could be facing a fine of $325 per person or 1 percent of your total income. The government mandate is that you will pay the higher amount of the two.  These fees will be deducted from your tax refund when you file your income tax. Don’t delay getting health insurance.

     Next year and each year after these fines will continue to raise. Take the time to get health coverage now.  Take advantage of our Walk-in Enrollment center so you will be covered. We can answer your questions and protect your next year’s tax return from fines and penalties.

     Many new plans have been made available as the insurance companies become more competitive. If you have insurance and need to update, our agents can help you easily and quickly. We will take the hassle and confusion out of enrolling for a health care policy, updating a healthcare policy or reviewing your health insurance policy.

     Reviews help you make sure that you have the most coverage for the lowest rate.  Sometimes being placed in a different policy group can save you money each month.  Don’t be intimidated by your lack of familiarity of insurance plans and policies. Our agents can ask a few questions to get headed in the right direction and then specifically evaluate your needs.  Your questions will be answered in simple layman’s terms making sure you understand how your policy works and what it covered.  You can get a quick health insurance policy that will save you money and protect your tax refund.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Get Health Insurance Easily and Avoid Government Fines

News You Can Use

   Protecting you and solving health insurance confusion is our specialty. Health insurance has changed drastically since the new regulations are being implemented.  Learn what you need to know and avoid fines that are being enforced.  These fines will increase year by year and could be taken directly out of your tax return without your permission.
  We are dedicated in serving the residents of Chicagoland communities. We have recently spent time researching what consumers have been dealing with when attempting to buy health insurance.  This has enabled us to streamline services that have been identified as problems and concerns from those who are trying to understand all the new health insurance regulations. The top concern being reported:   “Attempting to sort through over 140 marketplace plans and their details is too overwhelming.” They seem to be written more for people who deal with insurance everyday and not for those who are actually preparing to purchase a health insurance plan.
     As you know, internet searches yield millions of pieces of information that actually never address the most basic questions that would be asked in normal face to face consultation. Our service specializes in  Free Assistance in obtaining health insurance quickly and easily.  We help you avoid the wasted time of fishing on the internet for the best plan.
     To provide the best help available we are offering extended hours, a walk-in enrollment center and quick and simple assistance over the phone or online.  In minutes friendly professionals ask you the pertinent questions to customize a plan that will give you health coverage your way. They can identify which network or insurance carriers your doctor accepts so you can continue to see your own doctor or be involved in a clinic or hospital of your choice. Our certified professionals can help understand your current policies offerings or limitations and can also help you update your current insurance refining your policy.  In addition, a comparative can be done to identify if your plan is being offered at a lower price, or if switching can offer you a better plan for the same or lower price than you are currently paying.  With the increased competition, many are finding the comparison feature with our professionals assisting them has resulted in a policy rate savings.                
     We have been providing the best plans for over 35 years and that has earned us an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau.  We have been dedicated to putting people first and have earned a trusted reputation for excellence. Call us today, so we can assist you and take the confusion out of your health insurance concerns.
     Also available is Medicare Supplement Insurance with a simple application process. With our assistance there are virtually no claim forms to fill out and you can see the doctors of your choice and use the clinic and hospitals that you feel comfortable with.  We offer the most variety of flexible and affordable plans.
     One of the best advantages with us is that we are personal and will handle future questions or concerns personally. Don’t get lost in the internet network sources that never offer face to face help when needed. With us we a phone call away and offer in person help when needed.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Best Tips for the New Year: A Checklist

Best Tips for the New Year
     Start the New Year right with this list of reminders to accomplish before your year gets hectic.  Tips include family safety, financial and personal goals. Take care of it early and be ten steps ahead of everyone else. This way you can work on your personal goals with the peace of mind that you have taken care of those basics.

Family Safety

 Avoid fines for not having insurance, have an insurance review done because new networks in the marketplace can save you money. This service is free and gives you a chance to get questions answered and understand policy particulars before the need arises.

Test or replace batteries, make sure systems are in correct working order, dust free and area is free from clutter.

Review and updates contacts on cell phones. Sometimes switching phones or service provider does result in new numbers. Make sure your family contacts are up to date and children, elderly parents have current contacts.  If emergency contacts/numbers have changed, update with schools, employment and necessary individuals.

Spring in the time most people have these reviewed. Get it done early and avoid the rush.


Review your budget. Make sure it is written down on paper. Assess where you can save money. Use this base as a springboard for planning new goals this year. Focus on increasing savings and reducing debt.

If possible, plan to set aside money monthly for the holidays. You would be amazed how much easier the holiday season is when you start in January. (I learned this from of mom of eight). Include a post holiday amount where you save buying items on clearance after the holidays for next year. Also note gift ideas through out the year and pick up items as you catch them on sale. This will definitely stretch your holiday dollars.


Look for opportunities to earn a little extra by investing in interest bearing accounts, part-time work, or free-lancing on a per project basis.  Use this increase for your savings, vacation or major purchase and keep your budget happily on track.


Write down your personal goals and keep them where you will see them often to remind you what your working to accomplish. Help your children set goals to accomplish and nuture them to keep on track. Some crafty ways to keep them close at hand, make bookmarks with goals on them, decorate a dry erase or chalk board with theme and keep list on wall in your room, Use a notepage in pocket/purse calendar to write goals down and check them off as you accomplish them.

Plan to learn a new skill, cook a new dish or try something you never experienced before. New experiences feed you in a way that nothing else can.

Give of yourself to a cause you believe in. You can volunteer as little as 2 hours a month and still make a difference. Volunteering can be as simple as helping a neighbor with their needs, or helping a community project or non-profit organization. Get your family involved and help them find their interests in causes. Kids who give of their time expecting nothing in return acquire better social skills, good morals, world understanding and more maturity then those who don’t. Also this networking will help them later in life as connections made can increase opportunity doors that will open to them.

Have a great new year!

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