Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Insurance Agent & Community Team Up to Make a Difference

Steger News:  Great things happen when people get together for a community project. J. Sopko Farmers Insurance and the town of Steger, Illinois band together to support Steger Teachers. 

You can help by casting your votes at 

Monday, March 14, 2016

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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Steger News: Amy Wagner Seeks to Give Students a Technological Edge

Amy Wagner wants her students prepared for the future.  She is a second grade teacher at Eastview Elementary School. She is currently a contestant in the Thank Americas Teachers Grant Contest sponsored by Farmers Insurance Company.  This nationwide contest will give a grant of $2,500 to winners for the purpose of further educational opportunities.

If she wins she plans to use the grant money to purchase iPads for the classroom.  Her curriculum plan will use a rotation of small groups to gain experience with technology. Various apps would be purchased giving students a variety of areas of study and inspiring them to take an active role in controlling their own education.

Importantly, this would give them the knowledge to pursue their own interests outside of school and lead to lifelong learning. Shaping students with traditional methods and technology will give her students a balance of what they will need to make it in today's ever changing market.

Amy and her students say Thank You in advance for all who take the time to support her. 



Contest sponsored by Farmers Insurance Agency. Co-sponsored by Jeff Sopko Farmers Agent is Steger, Illinois, serving the south suburbs.

Farmers Insurance in Steger Supports Contestant Christina Nakanishi

Christina Nakanishi is an English Teacher for Columbia Central School located in Steger, Illinois. It is a small proud community. As a teacher of 6th, 7th and 8th graders she has recognized a need for her students.

Most students don't have the opportunity to extend their digital learning beyond the walls of their school.
With Ms. Nakanishi entrance in the Farmers Thank Americas Teachers Grant Contest, She hopes to win a $2,500 grant that she can invest in her students.

She would purchase MacBook Air laptops for the classroom. By adding student computers, her curriculum plans would help her students evolve in the technological direction the world is fast approaching.  As english students, they are required to perform various research exercises in their assignments. The digital approach to be learned will be a useful skill no matter what occupations they choose later in life. Engaged learners are successful learners and Ms. Nakanishi takes every opportunity to bring the best to her students.

New standards implemented for gathering relevant information from multiple print and digital sources, currently put a strain on the process.  Student computers are not in the schools current budget. We hope you will take this time to cast votes for Christina Nakanishi and her students.



Contest sponsored by Farmers Insurance Agency. Co-sponsored by Jeff Sopko Farmers Agent is Steger, Illinois, serving the south suburbs.

Sheila Clark, Hopes to Make DC Dream Trip for Steger Students

Sheila Clark is a 5th grade teacher at Columbia Central Jr. High School in Steger, Illinois. She is pouring herself into what would be a dream trip for 8th grade students to Washington, DC.

As an educator, she realizes the importance of such a trip and how it makes things real for the subjects the students study.  A well rounded education not only consists of learning what is in books, but also by living experiences that put impressions on children. These impressions are as individual as the students themselves. Each takes something different from an experience they all may share together.

This trip will expand the understanding of the world they live in and the operations of the government, in a way no book could quite convey. Please take time to vote for Sheila Clark.


Sheila Clark

Contest sponsored by Farmers Insurance Agency. Co-sponsored by Jeff Sopko Farmers Agent is Steger, Illinois, serving the south suburbs.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

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Cindy Rosa Contestant in Farmers Insurance Thank Americas Teachers

This is great Steger News. Cindy Rosa, a dedicated fourth grade teacher, has experience in implementing a math curriculum that puts kids ahead. She is a contestant in the 2016 Thank Americas Teacher grant program.

Ms. Rosa knows that this program helps children who struggle with math connect and absorb core concepts of arithmetic that are so important to the foundation of education.  This program, called Reflex Math! works for so many levels, no matter where a child skill level is. Students achieve a 90-100% increase in basic math skills. Currently, the expense for expanding this program in not within the budget.

Currently this program was limited to a small group. With its success record, Cindy Rosa now wants to purchase the program for the whole school! Reflex has game based activities and is highly motivational. Students enjoy the learning process and develop skills that pour into other areas of education. Love for learning is important and this teacher is shooting for the highest potential for all students in the Steger schools.



Contest sponsored by Farmers Insurance Agency. Co-sponsored by Jeff Sopko Farmers Agent is Steger, Illinois, serving the south suburbs.

Farmers Insurance Agency in Steger Supports Tyler Coleman

Hard at work in Steger, IL, Teacher Tyler Coleman focuses on inspiring his students.  He has entered the Thank Americas Teachers Grant Contest hoping to Apply the $2,500 grant to help fund a trip to Washington, DC for his 8th grade students.

He is excited about this trip and what it will mean to his students. For many it is a once in a lifetime experience. These pupils have worked hard studying the nation's history and the development of our country. The field trip to Washington, Dc will create an experience that will bring their nation history to life and supply them with unforgettable memories.
They will tour throughout the nation's capital that includes the Smithsonian Museums, the White House, the Capitol Building, memorials, the constitution, the declaration of independence and so much more.

Our nation's capital is so rich in history and will amplify what the students have learned and perhaps encourage them in adding to their lifelong learning experiences.


Contest sponsored by Farmers Insurance Agency. Co-sponsored by Jeff Sopko Farmers Agent is Steger, Illinois, serving the south suburbs.

Monday, March 7, 2016

News Alert: Realtors & Lenders Team Up to Offer Farmers Smart Plan Home

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Friday, March 4, 2016

Steger School District 194 Participates In Thank America's Teachers Contest

Sponsored by Jeff Sopko Insurance Ageny

Voting Instructions:

1.  Search for a proposal - Enter Steger in the middle of the box then hit "search"
2.  Vote for $2,500 Grant Proposals - Hit 1st Teacher's Name
3.  To Vote, enter your email
4.  Check box "I understand I'll only receive and email to confirm my vote."
5.  Hit "Submit"
6.  Follow steps 1-5 for each teacher
7. To complete the voting process, PLEASE REMEMBER, to log into your email and click link in
     each email sent by to VERIFY each vote.

We encourage you to pass around this information to those you know. Relatives can vote, this is not limited to the Steger residents only.  This is a nationwide contest and winners will be selected by top ranking votes. Please take the time to bring creative educational opportunities to our STEGER CHILDREN.


Sheila Clark
Tyler Coleman
Christina Nakanishi
Cynthia Rosa
Amy Wagner