Thursday, March 10, 2016

Farmers Insurance in Steger Supports Contestant Christina Nakanishi

Christina Nakanishi is an English Teacher for Columbia Central School located in Steger, Illinois. It is a small proud community. As a teacher of 6th, 7th and 8th graders she has recognized a need for her students.

Most students don't have the opportunity to extend their digital learning beyond the walls of their school.
With Ms. Nakanishi entrance in the Farmers Thank Americas Teachers Grant Contest, She hopes to win a $2,500 grant that she can invest in her students.

She would purchase MacBook Air laptops for the classroom. By adding student computers, her curriculum plans would help her students evolve in the technological direction the world is fast approaching.  As english students, they are required to perform various research exercises in their assignments. The digital approach to be learned will be a useful skill no matter what occupations they choose later in life. Engaged learners are successful learners and Ms. Nakanishi takes every opportunity to bring the best to her students.

New standards implemented for gathering relevant information from multiple print and digital sources, currently put a strain on the process.  Student computers are not in the schools current budget. We hope you will take this time to cast votes for Christina Nakanishi and her students.



Contest sponsored by Farmers Insurance Agency. Co-sponsored by Jeff Sopko Farmers Agent is Steger, Illinois, serving the south suburbs.

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