Friday, March 4, 2016

Steger School District 194 Participates In Thank America's Teachers Contest

Sponsored by Jeff Sopko Insurance Ageny

Voting Instructions:

1.  Search for a proposal - Enter Steger in the middle of the box then hit "search"
2.  Vote for $2,500 Grant Proposals - Hit 1st Teacher's Name
3.  To Vote, enter your email
4.  Check box "I understand I'll only receive and email to confirm my vote."
5.  Hit "Submit"
6.  Follow steps 1-5 for each teacher
7. To complete the voting process, PLEASE REMEMBER, to log into your email and click link in
     each email sent by to VERIFY each vote.

We encourage you to pass around this information to those you know. Relatives can vote, this is not limited to the Steger residents only.  This is a nationwide contest and winners will be selected by top ranking votes. Please take the time to bring creative educational opportunities to our STEGER CHILDREN.


Sheila Clark
Tyler Coleman
Christina Nakanishi
Cynthia Rosa
Amy Wagner

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