Monday, November 21, 2016

News Alert: Teen Drivers Safer with Parent/Teen Contract

Drivers Ed

Teen drivers whose parents take a more active role in passing down their own knowledge make safer drivers.  When communication is open ended rather than sounding like a lecture, teens are more likely to take this experience to heart. Share personal stories of your driving experience; include the funny, the unusual and the bad.  There are also things your teen driver should know.

Teens who can relate that their parents encountered similar situations may be more open to ask questions and share concerns with their parents. As your student is unfolding into their adult role; let them know you are encouraging their independence.

Be sure to never fill them with your own personal fears. Communications should be in a positive light.  If you have something that feels awkward to communicate; try these for openers:
  • Of course, you know . . .
  • I was so embarrassed when . . . 
  • Your almost a man/woman, but my heart sometimes just sees the little boy/girl you used to be . . .
  • My friend once did this and it raised a fear in me for when I had children of my own . . . 
  • I was so goofy I once . . . (thought, did, tried etc.)
  • Ok. Because I'm a Mom/Dad I have to say this . . . 
Your student, excited with new found possibilities, will need you to help them keep sensibly grounded. A Teen Driving Contract, can open doors for discussion and clarify the expectations of both parent and child. When boundaries are known upfront, rather than made up as you go along, a teen has the chance to think more responsibly. You have provided tools for them to consider and discussed your own personal family rules and values.

Part of maturing is learning to respect authority, when your child knows this, they are better equipped to make responsible choices.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

ACA/Obamacare Changes Coming Soon?


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Worried about changes concerning health insurance?  The affordable care act brought many changes to the health insurance market. Now you are probably wondering what may lie ahead as federal guidelines may bring more confusion to the health care that affects you.

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Thursday, November 3, 2016

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