Thursday, December 31, 2015

Low Cost & Affordable Medicare Supplements Available

     Looking for low cost or affordable Medicare Supplements?  Check out what is new at the Medicare Store. Find supplemental health care products such as Advantage Plans or Prescription Drug Plans. 
     Certified Specialists will assist AT NO COST TO YOU! They will answer your questions and help you understand the details of each plan.  For health insurance the easy way for Illinois and Indiana residents.
     You will experience a convenient process that saves you time and money. We carry the most extensive plans to give you choice. Whether you are brand new to medicare or just looking for a better plan.
     Our friendly agents take the time to understand your needs and help with a simple, hassle free process. Come visit our health enroll center today.

CALL  (800) 324-1004 MEDICARE STORE or 



     Our friendly agents take the time to understand your needs and help with a simple, hassle free process. We offer 35 years of excellent service and experience that has earned us a A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

     We offer medicare supplemental insurance in Illinois and Indiana.


Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Health Enrollment Beat Deadline- Sauk Village

NOW IS THE TIME TO GET ENROLLED for low cost health insurance. The city of Sauk Village will be hosting health care enrollment on Wednesday, January 13, 2016. 

Representatives will be at the Village Hall at 21801 Torrence Avenue in Sauk Village, Illinois to answer questions, navigate plans and help people understand their choices.

The health care deadline is coming soon. Avoid extra penalties and taxes and get a medical plan that you can trust.

For all other inquiries visit us at

News Alert! Business Employee Benefits Save 30%

News Alert!

     If you are looking for low cost employee benefits without sacrificing the quality of benefits to your employees, we specialize in saving companies money.  Our Personal Advisory Team can establish or re-establish your employee health insurance that saves you time because our Team handles administrative tasks easily for you.
     Find the best in large corporation or small business insurance.


Tuesday, December 22, 2015

           Looking for affordable reliable BlueCross Blue Shield Health Insurance, Illinois? You can afford this low cost plan for medical insurance that is accepted by the largest amount of doctors and hospitals.  AT NO COST TO YOU, we can check for subsidies and enroll you quickly.  Our personal attention will enable you to get the best plan that will give you peace of mind, knowing your coverage will be accepted almost everywhere.

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for Dependable Service That Puts You First.

  • Quick and Easy
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Specialists
  • No Command Centers to deal with
  • CMS Certified Professionals
  • Have Your Questions Answered
  • Comparison Shopping
  • Medicare Supplemental Insurance Available
  • Dental and Vision Coverage
  • Available Help When YOU Need It

          As the deadline for obtaining health insurance is near, we offer a quick solution to for your medical insurance needs in our WALK-IN ENROLLMENT CENTER for your convenience.
If you are familiar with Blue Cross Blue Shield and want to sign up we have easy ways to get your covered fast.
          We can also assist you over the phone.  We do not outsource,  you will be assisted by American Professionals who will  be available in the future to assist with any questions, concerns or follow-up you may need.       
          For increased flexibility and for those who are comfortable using the internet we offer quick and easy quotes online.  This process has been streamlined by consumer request to give you the ease of simplified shopping.
     We make the process easy for you. We have been helping people for over 35 years and have earned an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

News Alert: Enroll For Health Insurance – Closing Soon


      Find your low cost medical insurance the easy way. The affordable health insurance enrollment season is closing soon.  Avoid taxes and penalties associated with lack of insurance.

     We make it easy to enroll and get covered. It takes only minutes and we can get you covered today. We Can Help at NO Cost to You.

     You will find our process streamlined and easy.  We will evaluate your health insurance needs, answer your questions, address any health insurance concerns you may have, we will search all insurance carriers to qualify you and match your needs & YOU will have the experience to choose what fits your lifestyle.

     This is an important decision; you don’t have to sift through red tape to get answers for your specific questions. We are personally involved and always only a phone call away should you need us.

     Our Agents are experts with a greater access and understanding to multiple aspects of the insurance market. In serving you, they will search for discounts, tax breaks and subsidies that you may qualify for.  You benefit by TIME AND MONEY SAVED!

     Having a friendly agent that cares makes a big difference. It is much more pleasant to have an agent you can call with concerns. You will never have to deal with offshore call centers or "one time" contacts. Get your medical insurance today.



CALL (708) 754-1221


Stop in our Free Illinois Enrollment Center
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Monday, December 7, 2015

Low Cost Health Insurance - Find Your Picture Perfect Plan

Your Picture Looks Like No One Else's

All health insurance plans are not equal.  It is possible to find low cost medical insurance that offers the services and coverage you need.  We can help you at No Cost To You. 

We help you to find the best affordable medical plan that is a picture perfect fit for you.  With today's competitive market insurance companies are offering more incentives than ever. We are experts in knowing which company can offer you the best possible coverage at a lower price than you will find elsewhere. 

Have a lot of questions?  No problem, we can answer them and end the confusion of too much information.  We can streamline a plan that will fit your lifestyle, whether you are seeking an  individual health plan or a family health plan.

We will also check is you qualify for subsidies or special tax breaks that may be offered to certain low risk groups of individuals.  These different aspects of insurance are worth knowing because they can save you money.  

Our personal agents are aware and skillfully trained in the latest services and regulations regarding the health care industry.  

Call us Today at 708.754-1221

Have friendly help that will always be just a phone call away.
We understand that there is an overload of information out there and we will help you find a plan that best suits you.


We can help you by phone, online or in person at our Illinois Get Covered office located at:

Walk-in Enrollment Center
3333 Chicago Road
Steger, IL 60475