Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Get Health Insurance Easily and Avoid Government Fines

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   Protecting you and solving health insurance confusion is our specialty. Health insurance has changed drastically since the new regulations are being implemented.  Learn what you need to know and avoid fines that are being enforced.  These fines will increase year by year and could be taken directly out of your tax return without your permission.
  We are dedicated in serving the residents of Chicagoland communities. We have recently spent time researching what consumers have been dealing with when attempting to buy health insurance.  This has enabled us to streamline services that have been identified as problems and concerns from those who are trying to understand all the new health insurance regulations. The top concern being reported:   “Attempting to sort through over 140 marketplace plans and their details is too overwhelming.” They seem to be written more for people who deal with insurance everyday and not for those who are actually preparing to purchase a health insurance plan.
     As you know, internet searches yield millions of pieces of information that actually never address the most basic questions that would be asked in normal face to face consultation. Our service specializes in  Free Assistance in obtaining health insurance quickly and easily.  We help you avoid the wasted time of fishing on the internet for the best plan.
     To provide the best help available we are offering extended hours, a walk-in enrollment center and quick and simple assistance over the phone or online.  In minutes friendly professionals ask you the pertinent questions to customize a plan that will give you health coverage your way. They can identify which network or insurance carriers your doctor accepts so you can continue to see your own doctor or be involved in a clinic or hospital of your choice. Our certified professionals can help understand your current policies offerings or limitations and can also help you update your current insurance refining your policy.  In addition, a comparative can be done to identify if your plan is being offered at a lower price, or if switching can offer you a better plan for the same or lower price than you are currently paying.  With the increased competition, many are finding the comparison feature with our professionals assisting them has resulted in a policy rate savings.                
     We have been providing the best plans for over 35 years and that has earned us an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau.  We have been dedicated to putting people first and have earned a trusted reputation for excellence. Call us today, so we can assist you and take the confusion out of your health insurance concerns.
     Also available is Medicare Supplement Insurance with a simple application process. With our assistance there are virtually no claim forms to fill out and you can see the doctors of your choice and use the clinic and hospitals that you feel comfortable with.  We offer the most variety of flexible and affordable plans.
     One of the best advantages with us is that we are personal and will handle future questions or concerns personally. Don’t get lost in the internet network sources that never offer face to face help when needed. With us we a phone call away and offer in person help when needed.

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