Monday, May 12, 2014

There's More To Car Insurance Than You Think

     The right auto insurance can save you money and the more you understand the better protected you will be. Over the years the car insurance industry has gone through many changes.  At one time one auto insurance policy was little different from any other.
     Today, as consumers become more interactive in how they invest their money, they realize not all insurance companies serve them well. It is important to go over your policy thoroughly so you know in advance what you covered for and what is not covered.  The sad event of a collision or other type of accident is the worst time to discover you were not insured as fully as you thought.
     For example, today’s vehicles are now loaded with options and custom features added after the initial insurance policy was instated. What are the protections for your navigation system, custom rims, airbrushed graphics, custom paint job, added brush guard, custom grill, fog lamps and other enhancements you have added to your vehicle to make it your own. In addition, our high tech world has led many to use their cars for business. Does your policy cover items that may be damaged in an accident such as laptops, kids DVD players, smart phones, work equipment, or that brand new TV you just bought and were bringing home?
     As a consumer you are at an advantage to customize your auto insurance policy to fit your lifestyle and needs. Sopko Insurance Agency at  offers a wide variety of protection that gives you peace of mind and in the event the unexpected happens, you can sigh and say “I’m covered.”
     Test your knowledge, how many of these terms are familiar to you? 

Auto rental                 bodily injury coverage                      businessauto insurance
collectible auto           collision coverage                              comprehensive coverage
motor homes             safety apparel coverage                    glass repair/replacement
liability coverage       fault/no fault insurance                   towing services
                                    personal injury coverage                  medical payments coverage

*optional/add on equipment coverage              * uninsured & underinsured motorist coverage

     Remember it is important to review your auto insurance policy at least every two years. If you have added custom work or your teens have started driving, it’s time to review your policy now.

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