Thursday, May 15, 2014

A Girls Guide to Shopping for For Car Insurance

  While the thought of SHOPPING usually makes us upbeat, the idea of hunting for the bestcar insurance policy seems like a drab in comparison. Naturally, as a seasoned shopper you want to get the most for your money. Saving money on auto insurance gives you that extra so you can buy something cute for your car.  After all, owning a car definitely adds to the fun we are privileged to have.
    First things first, you need a company you can trust. The better business bureau is an agency that gives rankings according to what is known about the company and how they operate their business. You can check to see if they are registered with them.  An established company is always safer than a new start-up. Through experience they have learned the best ways to serve their clients. They most likely have gone through the ups and downs of doing business, so they understand they need to make a good deal to get and keep a customer.
   A Good Agent will sell you only what you need. He will make you aware of other types of insurance so you will be educated and explain under what circumstances you may need more insurance than you first thought. As years go by, most people add insurance to fit their lifestyle changes. I use my car for business and therefore carry extra insurance to cover my laptop, files and related electronics to my business. Road service is important as I travel without my husband when I’m doing field research, no one every breaks down at a convenient time.
  The law of the land states now that if you have a vehicle it must be minimally insured. Each state has minimum coverage amounts that you must carry in order to legally drive.

Naturally, you want the best affordable car insurance that protects you well. Your policy must include coverage for bodily injury and property damage, uninsured/underinsured motorist and medical expenses. Extended coverage offers items you can add to your policy. For instance, comprehensive coverage; pays for damage to your car not covered by collision insurance this can include damage from fire, vandalism, windstorms, falling objects, animals, water or flood and theft. Other extended coverage includes: auto glass replacement, towing and road service, and loss of use. 

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