Thursday, May 29, 2014

On the Front Lines With Mike Huckabee and Affordable Health Care

Governor Mike Huckabee and Health Estimates' Debi Sopko

To get a precise understanding of the Affordable Care Act, Mike Huckabee was one of the keynote speakers teaching at an Informative Exposition on the latest changes in regulations to the health care industry. Experts filled the seats of the Health Care Industry Expo in Colorado Springs, Colorado in April of 2014. It was a pleasure to attend and bring back vital information to the communities of Chicago Heights, Park Forest, Matteson, Olympia Fields and the Steger, Crete and Beecher areas. We serve the south suburbs of Chicago for affordable health insurance.
    Huckabee spoke about 37 changes the administration made to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act since it past. He spoke of concerns of pieces of the bill that did not have the support of doctors. Showing the wisdom of serving the people this will directly affect, he explained the advantage of more power in the state control rather than the federal government. It has been proven that the best laws are most efficient when operated on the state level. Citizens have more power over decisions over state government than federal government decisions.
   By having more control at the state level, an insurance commissioner is in the best position to understand the regulatory environment for insurance in his particular state. This means he can implement what is best for the state’s citizens.
   Huckabee shared his thoughts on Americans who struggle with chronic health issues “We could have done things about the chronically uninsured and we should have. People are in a world of hurt through no fault of their own faced with extraordinary medical expenses—most of us would accept we have a collective opportunity to help. In a country like ours, what makes us unique is we don’t mind helping neighbors.”
  He also spoke about contradictions in the Affordable Care Act that are confusing those who are trying to comply with regulations. He was also against people being forced to pay for services they would never use.
    We believe it is important to stay at the cutting edge of all the changes, so we can serve our
clients best. As we listened and learned the technical “in and outs” of this changing industry, we were also brought into discussion to bring up immediate concerns that effect our communities.

     This way you can be confident that when you deal with Health Estimates you are dealing with the best. Our rating of A+ with the Better Business Bureau has allowed us to faithfully serve the Chicagoland communities for over 34 year. 

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