Thursday, May 15, 2014

Day Care Insurance

     Shopping for Day Care Insurance for the best rates? Select a Daycare Package that insures you meet all the Illinois or Indiana state requirements. We offer business owner insurance that allows you to get the best protection for the most affordable price.
     Protect your Child Daycare Center and your precious clientele. Our company specializes in the unique needs that come with operating a daycare center. While most business need only to have minimal business and liability coverage, working with children imposes more strict regulations.
     It is important to protect your clientele and your investment. Each state has different regulations that must be covered. It may not have crossed your mind to have the option of protecting your company in the areas of food preparation, dispensing medication, and off-site field trips. That is why we encourage you to speak with experts in daycare insurance.
     Our agency not only specializes in child care insurance, it also offers distinctive coverage not commonly available from general insurance companies. Following are just a few questions you need to ask yourself
in planning to protect your investment:

1.  How much insurance do I need to protect my business property?
2.  What sort of protection am I required to cover in respect to the children that I serve?
3.  What happens if circumstances beyond my control make me unable to operate my business
      for a week, or a month?
4.  How do I protect my business and myself if one of my employees does something wrong?
5.  If I add transportation pick-up and drop-off to my services, what type of coverage do I need?

     You provide a valued service to your community and we know it takes a strong commitment to be steady in what you do. Through our network, we can also provide AT NO COST TO YOU, a plan you can offer your employees for health insurance. Through this plan, you do not have to have a large group to get great discounts on health care for your employees. They can SELF-PAY for an insurance plan, but receive a group rate discount as smaller companies pool their employees together to attain the discounts large companies are able to receive. A trusted insurance company will review your needs individually and that could lead to saving big bucks.

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