Friday, June 13, 2014


Don't Get Bogged Down with Red Tape of Health Insurance Guidelines,
We Take Care of That For You

     Chances are, your company qualifies for a little known Small Business Tax Credit for purchasing affordable health insurance. Companies that offer health care to their employees can increase their purchase power by benefiting from this new program.
     As a business owner, we understand it has become more and more difficult to adhere by all the government guidelines placed on your company. As CMS certified agents, we are on the front lines of understanding the changes and how to work them to your improvement of your business and your bottom line. We know you strive to give the best to your employees; though you have to have that wisdom of balance in order to operate within your budget. We differ from brokers in such a drastic way. With a broker your purchase your insurance products but must still maintain administrative duties of implementing and documenting all aspects in order to prove compliance with government agencies. As we specialize in health insurance, our services of Administrative duties come at no cost to you. Keeping you on top helps your company remain in compliance without danger of fines from government audits.
     Using a public Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP), your business can take advantage of the Affordable Care Act helping to offset the cost of enrolling employees in health insurance.
     These plans are a gem and come WITHOUT the burden of additional administrative costs.  The tax credit employers will receive depends on the number of full-time equivalent employees and the amount the employer contributes toward insurance premiums.
     To qualify, a company needs to have less than 25 full time employees, pay an average of $50,000 or less per year and share one-half or more of the premium costs.

     Your company can qualify for a 35% - 50% savings. This is an amazing program that serves employers and well as employees. Call to see how much your savings will be. You employees can have the confidence of a great health coverage plan. There is no obligation for us to assess your business and provide you with a Free Quote that will save you money. This is one call you cannot afford to miss out on. 

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