Saturday, September 27, 2014

Vote for Beth Dwyer's Proposal in Thank A Million Teachers Contest





      Insurance contest Thank A Million Teachers announces Beth Dwyer as one of the finalists eligible to win a $2,500 grant for her proposal.
     Beth Dwyer is a 15 year veteran teacher at District 194 Eastview School in Steger, Illinois. Being a Wife and Mother did not dampen her pursuit of becoming a teacher. She attended college knowing she had much to contribute to the lives of others. One can only imagine the difficulty of pursuing an education while wearing so many other hats. But she knew persistence had its rewards.
     Knowing she wanted to work with the younger children helped her stay focused and concentrate on her goals. 
     As part of a team, Beth Dwyer has proposed the RABBITS Reading Program. Aware of more than just her students, Mrs. Dwyer acknowledging that Eastview School is 57% low income with approximately 10% of incoming students just becoming English language learners. The Kindergarten teachers face challenges of preparing these students for the years ahead.  RABBITS stands for “Read A Book, Bring It To School” Kindergarten students would be sent home twice a week with a RABBIT backpack filled with quality literature to share with their families. The program would help to build early literacy skills in their students, to promote family literacy activities and to improve the home and school connection.
     She brings a unique understanding to the face of education. She has keenly observed and connected her student’s home environment with the challenges that could turn into obstacles if overlooked. Many have the mistaken concept that Kindergarten is simply all play. Nothing could be further from the truth. Kindergarten sets so many foundations of learning. It is here they learn social skills, school routine, communication with teachers and other students, problem solving, dealing with new experiences, respect for authority, listening skills, imagination and creativity, learning how to be teachable and how to express themselves. Truly that is just the tip of the iceberg; a student’s first experience with education can set the tone for their lifelong journey of learning.
     Mrs. Dwyer brings her love of music to the classroom, expanding the experiences of her pupils. She has learned a key to handling the challenge of Kindergarten; having a good sense of humor and teaching her kids to have a sense of humor. She also pours out patience to meet each child where they are at, which can be a priceless bridge to understanding.
         Dedicated to her profession, she also serves in the Young Authors Committee. She attends conferences to keep up on new teaching, participates in teacher blogs that promote sharing creative ideas with other teachers. When asked about her unexpected rewards of teaching she shared that she often hears words of praise and recognition from parents or grown students on the impact she has had on their lives.
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