Monday, August 18, 2014

Doing A Great Job is the Key to Longevity

Former Mayor Louis Sherman, Jeff Sopko, Insurance Agent
and New Mayor Ken Peterson
Independant Writer, Steger Community
Mayor Louis Sherman served his community of Steger, IL for an astounding 40 years from 1973 to 2013. He was in attendance at the 2nd Annual Steger Music Days that was host to two days of music, community and family fun. The event was co-sponsored by Sopko Insurance Agency.

Mayor Louis Sherman had the incredible experience of watching a community grow and having a hand in guiding the city of Steger. A community of friendly people that with their leaderships guidance has kept Steger a safe place to live. His many years of experience earned him much wisdom that the community and those who knew him well benefited from.

When asked about the Mr. Jeff Sopko of Sopko Insurance Agency, he replied "He has been an asset to the community. I have known him for over 35 years, he has been active in community events, sponsoring community projects, coaching baseball and sponsoring teams."

Upon speaking with members of the community, both residents and other business owners I learned some of the secrets to how a community moves forward even during hard economic times.  There is definitely a spirit of cooperation when things need to get done. Not only has Mr. Sopko served on governing boards, but he has been in places where he rolls up his sleeves and joins others to make the community a better place.

To my amusement the most repeated phrase about Mr. Sopko was "He's really a great guy and he cares for people.".Evidence of that obviously seen in his longevity in his business practice. More than just an insurance agent he is a friend and lends his wisdom to others. He understands people deeply and that helps him to really offer customized insurance plans that provide better coverage and more competitive prices than others can offer.  Even an ABC News story ranked his agency as providing more discounts that other insurance companies. It takes extra work help people save on a products you know they need. Mr. Sopko has proven his willingness to role up his sleeves and go that extra mile in finding discounts, savings or special programs that may save his customers their hard earned dollars.  

A standard that He and his staff hold to is "Doing a Great Job." Of course proclaiming this is his rating with the Better Business Bureau.

With insurance being a necessity of life, its important to know, I have done my very best to serve someone well. That they can have the peace of mind knowing they have protections in place to cover the things that are important to them.

Up to the challenge is Steger's New Mayor Ken Peterson who will guide the community of Steger in the upcoming years. Around him is a community that is working hard to keep its community safe and growing with business leaders willing to lend their expertise and rolled up sleeves.


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