Thursday, July 3, 2014

NEWS ALERT: Discount Auto Insurance & Home Insurance Offered To Fire Fighters and Police Officers

We Value Those Who Give of Themselves
 to Serve and Protect

 We would like to extend a hearty thanks to Fire Fighters and Police Officers in Matteson, Illinois who were on the first line of defense. They were kept busy around the clock during the recent tornados that hit the area. These tornados spurred downdrafts, microburst, dangerous winds, down power lines and flooding in surrounding areas. The cities of Frankfort, Country Club Hills, Matteson, Richton Park, Chicago Heights, Park Forest, University Park, were hit by this severe weather.

As we recognize the important and selfless work of these emergency responders; we would also like to make them aware of a new program available in this area. Discount auto insurance and discount home insurance are available to those who are employed in these fields.

FIRE FIGHTERS qualify if they are a full-time, currently active firefighter or paramedic commissioned by a city, state or federal fire fighting agency recognized in the state.

If you currently know a firefighter or paramedic please pass on this information to them.

POLICE OFFICERS are eligible for auto insurance discounts and home insurance discounts if they are active, full-time sworn law enforcement officers commissioned by a city, county, state, or federal law enforcement agency recognized in the state.

Please pass on this valuable information to any law enforcement personnel you may know.

We appreciate these men and women who serve and protect. We are pleased to offer quality auto insurance and home insurance protection to offer a little more security for their lives. 

Phase I and Phase 2 coverage for Illinois cities is in effect. Many Illinois cities not listed above are in coverage area for law enforcement and fire fighters eligibility.  Not available in all states.

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