Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Steger Teachers Win Grants for Innovative Programs

Steger Teachers Win Grants for Innovative Programs
By Carmen Santiago

     I am excited to share with you the success of 2014 Thank A Million Teachers Nationwide Contest. Dedicated teachers from the Steger, Illinois area and School District #194 submitted proposals to bring special and unique programs to their schools. The community responded with votes showing their support and we are proud to announce that we had winners from our Steger District.

     Each teacher worked hard to identify ways to enrich the students in their education.  They submitted grant proposals to implement their ideas in their own classrooms or school districts. These programs are creative and exclusively brought to the schools that had winning proposals.  The public could go online, read their proposals and vote for the best ones.

     We are pleased to announce winners from our area each winning a $2,500 grant.

Nicole Ciaponni, Beth  Dwyer, Heather Goetz, Holly Lopez, Charmie McKinney, Bill Moses, Mary Reed, Kim Scheutzow, and Nicole William-Roat.

     We would also like to thank Jeff Sopko of Sopko Insurance Agency for his hard work in helping to promote the event and networking to win votes for local community teachers.  His contribution of $1,400 for advertising material, banners, flyers and T-shirts, $400 in Kmart gift cards awarded to students helping spread the word to vote and $900 in food and prizes.

     The students of this community will participate in innovative and enrichment programs brought exclusively to Steger Schools.  Again, we would like to offer many thanks to Jeff Sopko, for helping bring a total of $32,500 for bright futures in Steger, Illinois.

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