Monday, March 16, 2015


Special Circumstances Extension
Last Chance Until 2016-Avoid Growing Penalties!
     Those who missed the health insurance deadline are in for a lucky break.  A second chance is being given to enroll for health insurance and avoid taxes and penalties for 2015.  A short window of an open enrollment session will begin on March 15, 1015 and last until April 15, 2015. This unusual break from the preset protocol comes as people applying for insurance were able to get confirmation numbers but unable to be verified.  

     Government database servers were overloaded and processes could not be finished by those who began before the deadline. Some found, as they filed their taxes they had a penalty to pay and still did not have insurance.  If you fall into that category, you can use this special circumstance period to purchase health insurance, be covered for the 2015 year and avoid paying higher fines next year.

     There are a few other circumstances that may allow you to take advantage of this health insurance grace period.  If you applied for medicaid but did not qualify and found out after the deadline expired, you are eligible to apply now.
     If there are some complex circumstances that happened in your life, you may be eligible to enroll for health insurance now without penalty.

     Our trained professionals can determine if you have special circumstances that enable you to take advantage of this window of opportunity.  This can save you hundreds of dollars for an individual plan or thousands for a family plan.

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