Thursday, March 19, 2015

Thank America's Teachers- Feature K. Husarik's Proposal

The Farmer Insurance Company Sponsored Thank America's Teacher would like to spotlight K. Husarik, Teacher at Parkview Elementary School in Steger, Illinois.  She has been teaching at Parkview for two and prior to that served as a substitute for three years. Steering her career choice was a strong desire to instill  a love of learning in children using her talent to make learning fun.  She believes an environment that fosters fun and safety help children learn unencumbered.

Since she has been teaching she has marked the rewards;  her love of teaching becoming stronger and to see children grow not only physically but in academics and social skills. 


   Motivated by a quote "Teacher's plant the seeds of knowledge that last a lifetime." This district is considered a lower income district and a portion of the funds would be used to purchase essentials for the students every day learning. The excitement lies in investing in extra materials that would give students a more hands on experience.

   Miss Husarik has experienced the difference manipulatives and hands on learning can make in helping a student not just memorize a lesson, but use it as a building block for everyday life.  She would invest the funds to increase reading material  and hands on material that could be used over and over again to reinforce object lessons, special projects and creative exploration. 

   She has seen an increase in fostering crucial reading skills as activity motivates students to develop a hunger for reading not only to attain knowledge but to pursue their own interests.


You can Vote once a day until the end of March.  
Please Vote and Get others to Vote with you.

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