Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Home Owners Insurance Should Include Flood Insurance: Mistaken Ideas You Need to Avoid

75% of Households Are Not Prepared!

     Your household should carry flood insurance. Over 75% of households do not have a flood insurance policy.  The decision to opt out of this insurance arises from a misunderstanding of what flood insurance actually provides. 
     Naturally, the first impression is often, I don’t live on or near the river, I don’t need insurance.  While this may sound logical, a high percentage of insurance claims for flood damage were from people their homeowners insurance did not have a flood policy in place before this occurred.
     A home owners insurance policy does not include flood insurance.  This is an additional coverage option.  It is very inexpensive and well worth the small price.  Your flood insurance policy has to be in place before the flood occurs.  Here are the types of situations flood insurance covers.

 During a storm, if you lose power your sump pumps or other pumps cease to work.

This was widespread in the Midwest at least 3 times in the past 15 years.  While people were prepared with pumps, the loss of power rendered the pumps useless. The local hardware stores saw a rush of people trying to buy generators.  The few they had in stock were sold quickly.  Another problem that arose was that local gas stations lost power and were unable to supply gas for these new generators.

In the event of a storm or city construction project, sewers and retention ponds back up.

We saw this happen in the north and northwest suburbs of Chicago.  Community sewers were overwhelmed and began to back up. The result is that many homes had raw sewage pouring in their home.  While many did not lose power there was no way to prevent the back flow of the city sewers.  This is much worse than rainwater invading your home.  Home protection can be simple when done early.

In the event of an appliance accident or malfunction such as water heater, washer, air conditioner etc. dumps water into your home that leads to water damage.

The damage this can cause is 400% or more of the price of carrying flood insurance on your home.  Having this is place beforehand is well worth the peace of mind to know your protected.

Flood insurance is available to renters, home owners and businesses and is often overlooked at the time insurance policies are purchased.

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