Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Affordable Auto Insurance for Chicago Heights/Illinois

     Looking for Affordable Auto Insurance in Chicago Heights?  Look no further! Channel 7 News did an investigative story on which insurance company has the best discounts. Farmer’s Insurance topped the list.   Quick Call: (708) 754-1221 for Best Rates Today.
    Sometimes we feel like information overload. So here is a quick breakdown to save you time and money.
Ask Yourself:

1.  Do we have the best auto insurance that offers us the protection we need?
2.  Does my car insurance policy cover things besides my car?
3.  Do you know the difference between collision coverage and comprehensive coverage?
4.  Are you someone who needs to take advantage of business auto insurance?
     Today’s vehicles are now loaded with options and custom features sometimes added after the initial insurance policy was instated. Have you established if you have protection for your navigation system, custom rims, airbrushed graphics, custom paint job, added brush guard, custom grill, fog lamps or other enhancements you have added to your vehicle to make it your own.

      In addition, our high tech world has led many to use their cars for business. Does your policy cover items that may be damaged in an accident such as laptops, kids dvd players, smart phones, work equipment, or that brand new TV you just bought and were bringing home?
      We have a new breed of insurance agents that compete by giving you the best deal. They are knowledgeable about the different types of insurance. Very able to answer questions for auto insurance. 
      After investigating, I was surprised that there exists sixteen types of coverage just related to car insurance. Having a business, I realized the supplies I travel with; my laptop computer, digital camera, wi-fi hotspot, spare computer battery and my “just in case” additional electronic hardware would not be covered if they were damaged the event of an accident or theft. It was definitely an EYE-OPENER that my agent alerted me to and then made sure I had the proper protection at a price I was happy with.  

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