Thursday, November 5, 2015

How Do I Find the Best Health Insurance?

Get Covered Illinois and All Major Insurance Carriers

     Shopping for low cost health insurance can overwhelm a person very easily with all the choices that are on the market.  WE CAN HELP YOU WITH THAT AT NO COST TO YOU
     Our CMS Certified Agents can guide you through the process of  obtaining private medical insurance, Affordable Care Act (ACA ) insurance individual, family, Medicare supplemental, home health care, dental, or critical illness.  In one convenient place you can compare all major carriers to see who can offer you the best deal with the coverage you want. 
     Our Specialists attend special training to keep current with the latest trends, regulations and changes in the health care industry.  This gives them an edge to help you find and apply for the latest programs and discount packages that are available.
     Here is a rundown of concerns you need to be aware of when shopping for health insurance. It is a beneficial thing to be well prepared for medical coverage before you need it. This saves you money because everything you need is in place before hand.  Neglecting this can put yourself or your family in a financial bind. 

  1. Single coverage/family coverage                                   
  2. Preventative care visits                                                  
  3. Doctor office visits                                                          
  4. Emergency room services                                             
  5. In-patient hospital facility                                                       
  6. Out-patient care
  7. Prescription drug coverage
  8. Vision/dental coverage
  9. Monthly premiums
  10. Deductibe level

     For the best coverage, the option to select from many insurance carriers gives you the advantage. Take advantage of the experts who know and understand the insurance lingo and can explain the pros and cons of each plan.  Also, with personal attention, an Certified Insurance Specialist can know your personal situation helping you make the best match that suits you or your family at this particular time of your life.

    For your convenience our Walk-in Center is staffed with such Certified Insurance Specialists.  You can also get quotes online or phone consultations.



Visit our walk-in health enrollment center at 3333 Chicago Road, Steger, Illinois we will help you with insurance.


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