Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Christmas Safety Tips

December is such a fun month with Christmas family traditions to look forward to. Most people enjoy the flurry of activity and special events to plan and attend. Here is wishing you a happy and safe holiday season.

We Have Put Together Some Old and Some New
to Keep in Mind During Our

  • Keep your home well lit when you are not home. Automatic timers that can turn lights off and on in various parts of the house are a good plan. Never set them exactly on the hour. You can even set up a radio or your TV to be on.
  • Stand in front of your home once during the day, and once after dark. See what a potential intruder may spot as an easy target. Make adjustments as necessary
  • BE VERY CAREFUL WITH SOCIAL MEDIA, this is something our parents never had to consider. Unfortunately, there are people who will scour social media to see when you might be attending an activity, a day trip or spending a few days out of town.  If you must post, post AFTER the fact when you have already returned home. EDUCATE YOUR CHILDREN TO DO THE SAME.
  • Remember with social media, many strangers are able to access what you write through friend of a friend of a friend . . . and so on. Vandalism and break-ins are no longer just happening at night. Any time of the day is good for a bad guy.
  • Christmas packages need special arrangements and thieves are on the lookout to simply swipe a package before it ever enters your home.  Try to schedule them for when you know someone is home. Speak with a trusted neighbor to keep an eye out for when you are expecting a package and ask them to grab it. Make yourself available to do the same for them. If possible, use of online tracking to better gauge when you package will arrive.
  • If your workplace will allow it, have packages sent to you at work.
  • Make a special effort to NOT BE DISTRACTED while you are shopping and paying for items. Always keep your purse, wallet, and cell phones close. Do not let the business of the season put you at risk for a moment. Plan ahead in your mind how you will handle many stops and transactions using, cash, debit cards or credit cards. As you hurry through check out lines make sure all your stuff is secure.
  • As always the safest place for your holiday packages are in the trunk. Do not tempt a thief to break your car windows because they see something appealing inside.
  • Naturally be aware of your surroundings, as you load packages into your vehicle.
  • Safest home strategy is to have a good relationship with neighbors and keep an eye out for each other. Discuss how you can best help and protect each other’s home and property. Alert each other of special circumstances that might need extra watchfulness. Make sure you have each others numbers so you can text or call when something is in question. Always better safe than sorry.

I admit a little sadness in having an article like this. I wish everyone would just be so happy and wonderful to everyone else. Focus on the delightful. These reminders were to bring a sense of heightened awareness for your safety and the safety of your family.

Merry Christmas!

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