Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Insurance Reviews Can Lead to Discounts on Insurance

Something You Don't Want To Put Off 

     Insurance reviews of your auto insurance, homeowners insurance, life insurance and health insurance are actually a good idea if you are trying to save money. By comparison shopping you can update your policy to accommodate changes in your life.
     In having your policy reviewed, your agent can sometimes save you money by offering the latest discounts. Changes in family, jobs, or home improvements are important to be updated.  This makes sure you are covered in your risen status.
     Auto insurance reviews are especially important if you have had custom work done to your car, or have begun using it for your business where you transport tools or business equipment in your vehicle.
    Life insurance policies are a good time to ask any questions you may have forgotten to ask at the time of purchase.  Changes such as upgrades or downgrades can be discussed to keep your plan current.
    Home insurance is important, especially if you don't have flood insurance. Many assume they only need flood insurance if they live near a body of water. This insurance is cost effective as it protects your property if community sewers back up, your plumbing structures fail and flood your home, or appliances cause flood damage.  It is harder to get flood insurance after the fact, but an inexpensive safeguard we usually don't think of.
     Our agency has been serving the communities of Chicago Heights, Sauk Village, Crete, Beecher, Steger, Homewood, Glenwood, Park Forest, Matteson, Monee, Richton Park and its surrounding cities for over 35 years.  Our personal service has earned us a Better Business Bureau Rating of A+ so you know we are a company you can trust.
     Call us for a free review and make sure your most precious things are protected.

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