Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Discover the many ways that Aetna Funding
Advantage can help your business save
Tired of rising health care costs? Switching to a self-funded plan may be easier than you think. It’s time to consider Aetna Funding Advantage.

The Advantage opportunity

Self-funded plans are more stable. Monthly payments are based on the health trends of your employees. And when health care costs are lower than expected, you get back a percentage of your funds. Control your health care costs with Aetna Funding Advantage, a self-funded plan backed by the strength of Aetna.
Savings and much more

Not long ago self-funded plans were only considered by larger companies. Then Aetna designed their self-funded plan with your smaller business in mind. It’s time you enjoyed these savings:

•You could save up to 25 percent upfront
•You could save long-term with the surplus sharing benefit
•You could save on taxes and fees
•You could save time on health care tracking and reporting.
Traditional Funding 

Subject to state mandates
Limited plan design options
No money back
Financial protection
Community rated

Generally not subject to state mandates 
More flexible benefit designs
Opportunity to get money back
Financial protection
Monthly costs reflect expected claims

Click the link below for the full Aetna Self-Funding Brochure
PDF of Aetna Brochure

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