Thursday, June 8, 2017

Health in the Workplace Environment

 Keeping workers healthy in the workplace environment is a goal of many companies.  
It serves the employees well to reap the benefits of good health especially when they are able to use their vacation days for actual vacation time and not sick days.  It serves business owners in the sense that when people feel well their job productivity is increased.

Who doesn’t love a win-win arrangement? Companies across America take initiatives to create a good atmosphere for their employees. It is documented that there is a lower turnover of workers when a business owner cares for their employees, strives to make the workplace agreeable and provides good health benefits.

Having long-term employees is another win-win situation because it offers workers:

  • Job security
  • Familiarity with coworkers
  • Pride in accomplishment
  • Intellectual stimulation
  • An income to invest in their future
  • Finances to pursue their dreams

For the business owner the win-win shows in:

  • Workers able to accomplish more
  • Workers better able to contribute ideas leading to more productivity
  • More profitable teamwork projects
  • Less disruption in productivity output
  • Less resources in constant retraining new employees
  • More cooperative employer/employee relationships

If your company wants to go the extra mile, provide them with access to the best employee health benefits available at, an agency that has a BBB top rating for excellent service and works hard to offer savings that make a difference.

Here are some creative inspirations you can incorporate in your company:

New Ideas – your employees understand your company in a way that is different from yours. Tap into their insight for new product ideas, better ways to do business, solve a problem, increase sales, or increase productivity.  Offer a prize to the employee who offers the best idea; gift baskets, diner gift certificates, kindle, iPad, etc. Think about your employees to determine a gift that appeals to them. If you decide on a “cash bonus” include a physical trinket (amusing stuffed animal, mug, picture frame, etc) that will serve as a reminder of their accomplishment.

Perfect Attendance – this one is not announced. Recognize an employee who has not missed work for an extended period of time (barring vacation) with a simple card of appreciation and coffee gift card or similar. Appreciating and noticing an employee’s extra efforts or faithfulness benefits all staff.

Weight Loss Challenge – this is an optional participation in enjoyable competition.  Everyone who wants to participate contributes a token amount between $5 - $10 and the company kicks in a higher contribution.  (It’s more about the activity than the money) Everyone is weighed in and documented. After a period of 60 – 90 days there is another weigh in and the person who has lost the most weight wins the “jackpot.” Getting everyone thinking about better health rewards everyone. To add a little more thoughtfulness, keep a secret and recognize second and third place winners with a token gift such as a healthy meal cookbook, pedometer, or other small health related gift.

Gift Horse – A little pre-planning and lots of fun. This can range from serious to silly, depending on your crew size and their level of good ‘naturedness.’  You get 12 identical small objects (toy figures or other item,  about 2 inches tall, miniature rubber ducks or frogs are easy to find) A nice touch would be if you could make the object humorously work relevant. Number each one. Place them in odd, inconspicuous places (corner of window sill, supply cabinet, lounge refrigerator, etc) Send out memo or make announcement that there are several “toy ???” that have been misplaced and if anyone finds them to please bring them to office. Each toy’s number will correspond with a small gift. Gift items can be themed (different types of candy bars), trinkets (scented candle, unusual snacks, handy items).  If done quarterly, you can have coworkers conspire and add silly personal touches. For instance all gifts consist of a Reese’s peanut butter cup and added contributed items such as “A hug from Sarah”  “A bowl of John’s homemade chili” “Ruthies homemade cookies” “Eric’s favorite movie on DVD.”

All businesses want loyal employees that take an interest in furthering the companies aim. A business owner that creates a work environment that values employees will have workers that value their job.


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